– And that’s it Thanks for joining me everyone here I’m your host Ben Sullins and this is Teslanomics live The show where we breakdown the biggest Tesla news from the week that has past And today, our top story, we’ll just jump right into it has to do with consumer reports versus Tesla Now, I’m going to take you through a little bit of the back story here about this And then I’ll kind of update you as to what is going on right now So going all the way back to 2013 essentially They reviewed, I think it was actually in 2013 They reviewed a Tesla Model S and gave it a 99 out of 100 That was the top score that they had ever given any car ever And if you are unfamiliar, Consumer Reports is a website, a media company I guess you could say That is all about helping consumers by providing honest reviews And they are very statistical in how they process things And they do actually a great job But going back to 2013 here it looks like in June, they gave them the highest score ever And this was kind of big news because Tesla at the time was a very new automaker And the Model S wasn’t really a thing And so all of a sudden they have the best car ever And it’s an electric car, just happens to be electric And it’s kind of their model Well fast forward a little bit and the Tesla Model S P85D actually breaks the scale They get a 103 out of 100 Which is kind of confusing right? Well what it turns out is that they hadn’t really expected any cars to reach this level And so what happened was they exceeded the 100 scale And so they had to recalibrate that And in doing so, one of the problems with this or one of the challenges was that they didn’t also recalibrate the scores for everyone else So it was kind of unfair when the Tesla Models S it got it’s score adjusted because of the new scale, but no one else did And that was kind of like, I don’t know, that was kind of a bad thing I think that was kind of lame So anyways, that, you know fast forward its like hey, they rated it the highest one of the four and then this one broke the scale You know things are just going, things are just going great for them right? In terms of Tesla and what they’re doing Now I’ll read you a little bit about this article It says, cause they weren’t 100% perfect on it They said, “In rating it, however, we faced a quandary “The Tesla initially scored 103 in the Consumer Reports “rating system which, by definition, doesn’t go past 100 “The car set a new benchmark “So we had to make changes to our scoring to account for it “Those changes didn’t affect the scores of other cars.” See to me that is messed up, that doesn’t make sense “To be clear, the Tesla 100 score doesn’t make the P85D “a perfect car “Even at $127,000, it has imperfections “The interior materials aren’t as opulent as “other high ticket automobiles “And it’s ride is firmer and louder than our base Model S.” Which, I don’t know about this specific firmer and louder, but the materials not being as opulent as other high end cars totally get it, agree I think it is a different mindset But, you know, I agree that that’s true Then they continue “It’s also important to note, that our rating system “doesn’t include Tesla’s reliability “The Model S has average reliability, “according to our owner survey responses.” So, while they’re saying this got 103 out of 100, they are also saying that it has average reliability And they finish by saying, “That said “The Tesla Model S P85D is an automotive mile post “It’s a remarkable car that paves a new, unorthodox course “And it’s a powerful statement “of American startup ingenuity.” So, fantastic right, I mean this is great Then later in October 2015, they published another article titled, “Tesla reliability doesn’t match it’s high performance” And this article here kind of, is when things started to turn sour The survey that they do was finding that the Model S had too many problems to recommend it So they no longer could recommend it You know later they dinged them again for not having emergency braking built in They later added the automatic emergency braking But Consumer Reports said it was only a partial fix Eventually the Model S regained it’s top ranking for the ultra luxury sedan And just last week, Consumer Reports, this is where the current stuff is happening Consumer Reports published their ranking for the upcoming Tesla Model 3 Now here’s some bits from that report and I’ll pull it up on the screen for you here So, yeah apparently, you know things are getting better

But, it’s really, it’s gotta little bad here “So the Tesla Model S owners, this is from Consumer Reports, “owners reported their car’s reliability has improved “in Consumer Report’s latest survey, giving the EV sedan “it’s first above average rating “Because of the Model S’ improved rating, “the all new Tesla Model 3 EV predicted reliability rating “has also improved rising to average “in the Consumer Reports rankings “That’s because Tesla’s less expensive Model 3 “borrows much of it’s technology from it’s bigger brother.” “Consumer Reports doesn’t have data yet, “specifically on Model 3 owners, “but it makes predictions “on every new and redesigned vehicle “based on the manufacturer’s history “and date from the vehicle’s that share major components.” So the report continues “Electric vehicles are inherently less complicated “than gasoline or hybrid powered alternatives “And the Model 3 should be the least complicated Tesla yet.” Said Jake Fischer, Director of auto testing at Consumer Reports “After digging into the data reported “by more than 1500 Model S owners, “we expect the Model 3 should have an average reliability “However, since the Model 3 is a new model, “we don’t expect the above average reliability “that we are seeing on the Model S.” Okay so that’s, you know, gauntlet thrown Tesla doesn’t respond to these things very well traditionally They are very defensive typically when these things happen And I agree with them to an extent here So Teslarati later reported about Tesla responding to this And they said that “The Tesla spokesperson commented “on the Consumer Report premature ranking of the Model 3 “saying that the organization’s reporting is consistently “inaccurate and misleading.” Here’s the statement from Tesla on this “Consumer Reports has not yet driven a Model 3 “Let alone do they know anything substantial “about how the Model 3 was designed and engineered.” Says a Tesla spokesperson “Time and time again, our own data shows “that Consumer Reports automotive reporting is consistently “inaccurate and misleading to consumers.” So, what about the part where they ranked it 103 out of 100? Is that misleading as well? I don’t know I mean I just don’t like the tone Tesla, I understand they need to defend their brand and this stuff, but it is just a bit harsh I feel So, yeah there you go Now on Jalopnik here, Consumer Reports fired back And they said, this is according to them “First Tesla appears to be unhappy that Consumer Reports “expects the new to market Tesla Model 3 “to be of average reliability “Which is generally a positive projection “for any first model year of a car “This expectation is based on Consumer Reports “2017 annual reliability survey measuring “that dependability as opposed to the satisfaction “of more than 300 car models “Model year 2017 using the responses of individual owners “of more than 640,000 vehicles “We provide this information to help people “make informed purchasing decisions “as new products reach the market.” So, and this is all on here you can read it from Jalopnik, they have the entire statement And to me the part that gets a little fuzzy is about how they measure it, so here it goes “Consumer Reports conducts a battery of 50 standardized “tests across all vehicles we review.” This is their statement “We have a lot of mileage in this area.” I totally agree “We also continuously update our ratings “as new surveys are conducted and we test the cars “we purchase to reflect the current realities “of what consumers should expect in the marketplace.” And they have this big thing here, but just so you know, one of the reasons why Consumer Reports is so credible is, it’s not like, for example, my channel is called Teslanomics If you ask me to talk about Tesla, you can guess that I am going to have a bias, as basically any human does Right, the only opposite of a bias is somebody looking at a spec sheet No person talking to you, just literally looking at specs of something And so, when it comes to Consumer Reports, one thing that’s helped them is that they don’t get things for free So, Tesla doesn’t send them a car to review They go and buy it themselves anonymously and then review it So there’s, you know, there’s no gifts, there’s no none of that stuff So they kind of have a statement in there which I think it’s, you know, we all know that But anyways, so the Model S rating has changed over time going up and down as new data becomes available So that’s kind of what they are saying It’s like hey, this car isn’t necessarily bad And, you know, we’re giving it an average rating based on what we know and it’s a new car It shares a lot of stuff with the Model S And that the average rating is actually an upgrade from the previous one So, you know, my take is Consumer Reports is good at what they do I don’t think you can really argue that I think that Consumer Reports has long history of being credible and they do these things incredibly well But, I also understand how the average rating doesn’t really sit well with Tesla

Because they don’t really see their cars as average And to them, you know, everything should be the greatest thing ever And we all know that, you know, that’s unrealistic, right, but, you know, a lot of times they do deliver and they do exceed expectations, you know, frequently So, I understand why they are taking beef with this Now, the thing I really don’t like about this part of what Consumer Reports does, is that they are basing it on surveys And, people are inherently bad at telling the truth or even being, knowing what is factual and what isn’t And this is why the world I live in, the world of data science, we don’t survey people directly, often It’s far better, let’s say I’m building a new website, to show you a different version of that website without you knowing to measure your response In fact, many of you on my email list, may or may not know, when I send you guys reminders for this live broadcast and a few other things, I sent multiple versions of that out, to see which ones do better You know, which email gets open more, which one leads to more people registering on Crowdcast, and those kind of things So, this is kind of how the data science you know, framework works is we do randomized testing because if you just ask people, “Hey which title do you like more in this post?” Or you know, “Which one do you like more?” People are really bad at judging those things and there’s a long history of this This is why data science is so incredibly popular right now So the method of which Consumer Reports goes about this, by simply surveying people and asking them how their other cars are is maybe a fair, like it is a way to do it, but I argue it is not valid If to really measure the reliability of something So yeah so I think the method is flawed I think Consumer Reports overall is good and when they do get their car, their hands on a Tesla Model 3, and they do get to review one, I will you know feel confident about that I think that part of their company is really good So I’m curious what you guys think Please leave me a comment Let me know after this video posts, and you know, we can talk about it down in the discussions below Alright so next up we have Teslacon and if you know you’re unfamiliar, we’re doing this online gathering So myself and many other media personalities in the EV and renewable energy space are coming together in a conference essentially We’ll have featured speakers, we’ll have a keynote speaker Just like you would go to a conference to see some of these people talk, you can do it now online, and tickets are gonna go on sale hopefully next week I have a couple few more things to button up but we’re adding new speakers daily You can go learn more at Teslacon.online including some of the folks that we have there now So a lot of the people that you probably are familiar with online if you guys follow many of us So you can go check that out and get on the updates, and then that way you’ll get the early bird pricing, and then after that you know, it’ll just be general admission So you don’t want to miss that if you’re interested in this at all Guaranteed it would be cheaper than going to the exact same version of this in a physical location So it’s not free because it does take a lot to put this together and there’s a ton of work and expense associated with it, but we are gonna make it you know much more affordable than what it would be to go to the physical, you know, in-person event version of this as well Okay, next I want to talk about something I’m long on and this is Tesla expanding in China So the Wall Street Journal reported and I’m showing you the Tesla variety article here that Tesla has struck a deal with Shanghai to build a factory in China So a couple details about that They recently opened up this free trade zone in China and that means that you no longer have to have a local partner That means that you can own 100% of it and do it, which is gonna encourage more companies to manufacture things there, versus how you had to do it before, where you had to have a local partner, and that kind of added a bunch of costs and all that So Tesla apparently struck a deal They’re gonna be doing it No surprise to many of us I’ve talked about it many times before I think it’s great for the company I think that as the market grows and EV’s become more prevalent in the world, this isn’t gonna be uncommon You’re gonna see this happen a lot They will still incur the 25% tariff, the import of a car to China, but they will make it over there So the shipping cost and a lot of those things you know, sourcing the materials, all that kind of stuff will be done It will just be a lot cheaper So overall it’s gonna be cheaper even though they still have to pay the 25% import tariff So if you’re wondering, “Huh why China?”

So for the record, from my understanding, these vehicles produced over there will be sold there So you might be thinking like “Wow that’s crazy “Like they have all these customers in Europe “and the U.S. still “Why aren’t they building a plant here?” Well we don’t know that they aren’t, but China is the world’s largest EV market, and there’s a website here which tracks this, EV-volumes.com, and some of the things going on in China, if you’re unfamiliar, is that the government is mandating an 8% of what they call new energy vehicles, which are plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles in 2018 and that’s meaning that if you are a If you’re an automaker that’s selling cars there you have to have 8% of them be new energy vehicles as they call them, and then 12% by 2020 So this is a pretty aggressive growth and then they’re also considering a ban, an outright ban on fossil fuel cars Now EV Volume is predicting that in 2017 China will have 530,000 EVs sold Now that is including plug-in hybrids, like a Prius Prime or Chevy Volt, but also includes the battery electric vehicles, like you know, Tesla’s and other things So that amount, 530,000 EV’s is more than all of the U.S. and Europe combined So China is a major player here It is the market leader by like, almost a factor of two compared to everybody else So with that, it makes total sense that China wants to do I’m sorry, that Tesla wants to make Make a plant out in China so they can save a bunch of money and also fulfill the demands of that market With the Model 3, totally makes sense So I’m long on this I think it’s great I think that as this grows Tesla is just going to be, become even more solid and become a real player in the global market, the global auto market, which right now, you know, they’ve captured everyone’s attention, but they’re not necessarily producing the amount of cars to be considered you know, a real player in the space like that So yeah there’s that Next, and you know, with that I guess I should say, we now have a first look at their largest Supercharger station, also in Shanghai coincidentally It has 50 chargers I’ll leave the link in the description down below and you guys can actually go check that out (sneezing) Excuse me Live broadcast, thank you very much Yeah so anyways, they’re going to be doing a lot more stuff with Superchargers in China and that’s just continuing to grow I’m long on it I think it’s great I love that China is leading the way here in not just EV’s but renewables, and you know, it makes sense that Tesla needs to be a big player in there I wish I could say the U.S. was leading but you know, our political climate right now isn’t really in favor of renewables and EV’s So that that kind of sucks So I’m glad somebody’s stepping up and kind of filling that void Now let’s talk about the referral program just briefly I don’t even know how I mean okay, this is just nuts So the discount expires in eight days That’s next Wednesday I believe, or next Tuesday That’s October 31st, Halloween, and that’s the thousand dollar discount Now you’ll still get free supercharging we believe, unless they change it again, but I also, with our code here, we are also nearing a hundred percent discount on a next-gen roadster So wow, thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing this code, for using it I’m glad you guys are enjoying it I love all the emails I get from people saying “Hey I just got my Model S today “Here’s a picture me and my family.” Whatever, always send that stuff in I love seeing that and I respond almost right away because it’s just so exciting to see that we as a community are actually you know making this change So if you’re unfamiliar at all or new here, you can get the code at Teslanomics.co/td off of an S or X, you get a thousand bucks off immediately unlike the tax credit, which doesn’t take money off immediately So in case you guys aren’t aware of that, and it gives you free super charging for the life of the vehicle You’ll then get your own referral code, which in theory, will allow you to get free super charging for life, you know on any new cars you buy Now there’s also a five year solar warranty So if you’re going with Tesla’s solar panels, you can use our code to get a five year extended warranty You know, so that’s great I mean that certainly helps and if you have any questions about that, just you know go to Teslanomics.co/td You’ll get on my email list We’ll be connected, and then you can send me any questions you have and I’m happy to answer them I did not go with Tesla’s solar panels and I can explain why you know when we get to that point, if you’re in that market So there you go about the referral program Yeah we’ll talk about it more, if and when

I am getting at next-gen roadster for free I don’t even know what to think about that but yeah, I’m kind of kind of a overwhelmed right now All right, on with the show There’s some updates here recently One is that Tesla releases this update about automatic emergency braking at full speed The statement from them is the maximum speed at which this automatic emergency braking is available has increased from 50 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour So that means previously, if you were above a certain mile per hour it wouldn’t, you know, wouldn’t do it, and then it says for ample clearance this is another part of the update For ample clearance, when driving through narrow streets if you’ve folded your vehicles and mirrors they will stay folded while you’re driving at low speeds up to 30 miles per hour I don’t know how I feel about that, but hey okay cool Maybe that’s a thing that people want Now there in addition, Tesla is unlocking some extra power for the older Model S’s It mostly affects the 75 D, S, and X It takes almost a second off the zero to 60 time This is a hardwired update meaning you need to go into the service center, and I think they could do it over the air, but it’s just a matter of probably transferring the update of the data and all that stuff It’s just better to do it when you can plug directly in and really, the only reason I mentioned this is because the car just keeps getting better, right? What other cars do you know get faster and better over time? This is nuts This is one of the things about owning a Tesla that’s so incredible That in fact, many of the other EV’s don’t even you know, they don’t even have this ability So there you go Now, you want to run through these next ones pretty quickly and then we’ll get into the QA? So okay, Futurism is a sight I like Here’s an article, Elon Musk, the AI in Tesla cars will be able to predict your destination Can we stop calling everything AI? I mean, so what they’re saying is, okay there are a couple tweets here You know, James Harvey asked, “Hey wouldn’t it be nice if I’m cooling my car, and I ask it to take me somewhere?” Elon is like, “Yeah you don’t even need to ask “It’ll just know.” In fact they’ve already mentioned this before and if you think about it, how hard would that be? I don’t know Most of us probably get in our car around the same time every morning and go to the exact same location In fact, that’s what Elon basically said Yeah, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes here So can we stop calling something like that AI? I mean it’s smart maybe It’s like more intelligent, but I just kind of feel like these are how things should work AI is really like a totally different level of things So anyways, I was just kind of short on that I love this site, but this was kind of ridiculous Okay, now in the even more ridiculous category of things, you can get an Elan Musk air freshener, that may or may not smell like Elon Musk, and according to the to the creators, the smell is quite leathery with low notes of rocket fuel If you get this Okay, first off you’ll have to tweet me and explain to me what’s wrong with you, then you’ll have to actually send me a video of it because I would love to see what’s happening here, and I’m really curious if Elon cares at all about this kind of stuff Oh man, okay Last but not least, we’ll cover a couple things here and then we’ll get right into Q&A Now the Q&A section, for those of you that are new here First off, thanks for joining me, happens on Crowdcast, and we do it there because it’s nice how it separates questions for regular chat I’m sure if you’re watching on YouTube there’s all kinds of chatter going on, maybe some questions, whatever, but things just fly by You can’t make sense of it On Crowdcast, that’s not the case You ask a question, it goes into a separate area, and then people vote on it, people comment on it, et cetera, and we can really kind of have a discussion So that’s why each week I email everyone on my list and you can get on that at Teslanomics.co And then from there you know, you’ll get the invite we can have a you know, a more interactive discussion, but before we get to that, we need to talk a little bit about YouTube, and I may do a video on this You maybe don’t care So if you’re watching this after the fact I don’t know, skip forward a minute or so but what happens is these videos are monetized right? Like Teslanomics is my main form of of living You know, I have a family, I have a house This is how I provide for them, you know? And I have a team I have an editor, and I have a copywriter, and I have a couple other people that help me with little things like that So this is a business right? I love what I do I’m passionate about it I’m glad that you guys join me and I’m so thankful for everything, even just watching a video helps, but when YouTube does this thing where it demonetizes a video, it really puts people like me at risk of trying to figure out some other option of survival, because this is This just I mean Here’s what happened This livestream you’re watching right

now was demonetized before it even happened So you can see right here Monetization status: limited and no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers Every time I request a manual review, it works They approve it and I can’t tell you for the life of me, what at all, you know would flag it But me and many other YouTubers seem to be getting hit by this more and more, and while yes they do eventually monetize it, the bulk of views on a video which are you know, it’s where the ads roll in front of, and that’s how you make money, the bulk of those come in the first week or two, and so if it takes some three four days to review it, you’ve lost you know, 60%-70% of the money you would make on that video So yeah this sucks but I thought since we’re here, I would share that with you and just kind of show you this process right? So here you go Right now we’re only able to review videos with at least a thousand views in the past seven days We’ll review a video and it reaches that threshold and you can get your final decision usually within a week Yeah by then the video will be dead because during the whole time, you’re not going to be sharing it on YouTube, you’re not going to be recommending it to new people, and there you go So we’ll see what happens, but it just blows my mind that they demonetize the video here, prior to it even even happening Like there was no video there but they demonetize in advance It’s like the Minority Report you know? The pre-crime division or something So anyways, I may do a video about that later, but right now, I just wanted to share that frustration with you, and anyone else that is also maybe a creator watching this Okay now we’re going to get in to questions I’m gonna stop sharing my screen on Crowdcast and I’m gonna go fullscreen on the questions, and we’re gonna start answering them Let me just double check YouTube Yep looks like you guys see what’s going on here Man it looks like Tesla’s down Oh man, bummer down to 340 So there you have it Now can I move this around? What can I do with that? Okay so I’ve got double cameras here You can see it going every which way Alright, so we’ll start answering here and go from there Hi Ben, how and where will the front license plate be attached to the Model 3 since it appears to be no designated space for it? So far I haven’t seen any Model 3 photos Give me inside at this point Thank You Ben Don England Empire Yeah and there you go So it looks like Aaron and a few other people responded to you already There is a I don’t think I can share my screen while this is up There is a post on Electrack Okay, so I hit that Okay it doesn’t look like I can do it There is a post on Electrack, I’ll put in the in the description, which shows a photo of it Typically what I’ve seen with the Model S for example, which by its nature, doesn’t have a space for this either There’s something that that adds on to it that you have to screw into your bumper, which totally sucks, and is totally lame But then again, like my Model S, I just didn’t do it and we’ll see I mean I could get a ticket for it but I mean I haven’t yet and we’ll see I guess what happens You know, I’ll have to pay the ticket at that time, but for me it’s something where it’s hard to do that to a car I don’t know something so beautiful, it’s hard to ruin it like that Thanks for the question Okay, Sean Due asked, with regards to charging setup at home is it worth it to get a high power wall charger, or would you even see the mobile charger be adequate giving the max amp charge capacity for the Model 3? Okay, I actually have a video coming out on this Wednesday going into this in detail So stay tuned for that Make sure to you know, get on the email, follow the updates, whatever Here’s the deal If you like maybe, if you’re an uber driver, and you need to come home and charge and be back on the road as soon as possible, I mean I guess honestly, you’d probably want to do a Supercharger at that point Yeah, I don’t think it’s necessary at all I don’t have one I have just the mobile charger I did install a NEMA 1450 outlet, which gives me about, I think 25 miles of charge per hour, which is great So that’s totally a sufficient for most people Most people, I assume are going to go to work, come home, maybe you drove 50 miles in that commute Fine first off your car gets 200, you know plus, even on the low-end, and 50 miles of charge with a mobile charger will take about two hours, but again, who cares because you’ll be sleeping right? It’ll just be while you’re at home and your car’s just sitting there So it doesn’t matter The high power wall charger I think looks cooler, and that’s about the only reason that I would get it, and may end up getting one Who knows, but right now you know, my garage is kind of a mess, and so I don’t care about it But I do have the mobile charger and it works fine So I don’t think it’s necessary at all If you want it, if you have a nice garage, you want to look nice Hey you know, knock your heart out

So there you go Thanks for the question Nick is asking do you think there’s a limit or a danger zone for mileage when it comes to buying a used Tesla? For example, if there is a used 2014 Model S for sale for 40,000 but with 75,000 miles, do you think it would be a bad investment? Is there a safety zone to stay in for mileage on a Tesla? So okay, if we talk about the batteries, we’re looking at 500,000 miles or more So what is that? Close to 800,000 kilometers, and then the the powertrain, the the motor itself is rated at one million miles So these cars are gonna last a lot longer than a regular car just by you know, the main components anyways You’ll of course have things like tires, and brakes, and you know, windshield wipers, or stuff to deal with like that, but you know the main parts of it are gonna stay intact and last a lot longer according to the data we have now So I would totally be fine buying a used Model S 40k for something with 75,000 miles seems a lot to me, unless it has autopilot, then it might be Then I would see that working Yeah so I think you’ll be fine, and now, if I were buying it, I would want to do it through Tesla though, because when they certify them, they give you another four-year warranty I believe, or you know that’s when I bought mine, that’s what happened So I would want to make sure I got that extended warranty on everything and so I would buy it through them, but yeah in terms of the miles, I don’t think 75,000 miles is a lot for one of these cars I mean realistically, you know, we’re looking at 300,000 to 500,000 miles before you really need to be worried about stuff So you have plenty of runway there Thanks for the question Dane asks, do you ever see Tesla being bought by Apple, Google, or such? Ooh, great question Huh, you know, I feel like Tesla’s Like Elon I don’t know I feel like maybe on a personal level that they did they wouldn’t want to do that It’s not something that they would That they would want, but from a business standpoint, I totally could see Apple buying them Google, I don’t think so There’s just too much clash with With the development lifecycle and products and all that Maybe Amazon, although I know Besos and Elon aren’t the best of friends because of SpaceX versus Blue Origin, but hey business is business I doubt it’ll happen, but it certainly could, and so yeah I mean unlikely but maybe, and if so I’m guessing Apple would be the one I mean I think there were some reports of this a while ago but they haven’t gone anywhere So yeah there you go Darrin asks with the Tesla tax incentive ending at the end of 2018 I don’t think that’s gonna happen How do you think sales to be affected by assuming all the car manufacturers? You’ll have a full $7,500 incentive, giving them a big advantage when it comes to cost Okay it won’t end at the end of 2017, because Tesla likely isn’t gonna hit that 200,000 mark until maybe Q2 now of next year, which would mean that all the cars in Q2 and Q3 get the full incentive, then you get 50% of it for the next two quarters, and then you’d get 25% for the next two quarters So you’re looking at the end of 2019, and by then Tessa will have sold you know, hopefully delivered hundreds of thousands of these So I don’t think it’s a big deal, and actually a few other car manufacturers are pretty close too I believe Nissan is pretty close, and I think is it Toyota? I forget who else but yeah there’s there’s a couple other that are pretty close too I don’t think it’s a big deal I think that it’s a big incentive right now and then states are probably going to pick it up, and by then you know, hopefully we’ll be in the throes of looking at a new political administration here in the United States, and with that possibly extending it So no, I don’t think it’ll have it play a big factor, but you know, certainly don’t wait because yeah, it will go away eventually Adam asks, Ben I’ve been in touch with Turo, which is like Airbnb of cars Yep I’m familiar They’re offering a Model 3 incentive program to early owners who list on their platform Hmm What are your thoughts on doing this a few days a week, month, to pay for your loan payment? Supplementary insurance is included Yeah I’ve thought of doing it myself actually I thought I mean, you know, I’m just a geek and I’m a YouTuber so I just wanted to do it to make a video of it, but no I think it’s possible If you can list it and get a real high premium for it, I think that would be That would totally be worth it, and frankly it’s not that expensive of a car So you know, yeah with the added insurance and other things you know Yeah I don’t think it’s a bad idea I mean I’m sure Tesla would hate it but you know that’s just how they are So yeah, I mean and I may do it just to see how it goes,

and that’s interesting that Turo is doing that, because I recall trying to put my Tesla on there before and they wouldn’t let me because they said it was worth too much money or something So yeah maybe they’re opening up to to some other ideas So yeah, thanks for the question Adam Darko asks hello Ben, I want to ask, we received some information about Tesla solar roofs Is it true that soon they will start to sell in Macedonia, Europe? I’m not sure about that actually I haven’t seen that Maybe you have something that I don’t, and the thing about the solar roofs is that, recently they said that they’re actually starting to make them, and that some people are getting them installed In Europe, Macedonia, I’m not sure It’ll probably still be a ways away to be honest, and as far as I know, you know, their earliest deliveries here aren’t at least for another year So yeah, so I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon, but maybe five years down the road, it’ll be a normal thing, but until then I honestly, I think it’s still always away Thanks for the question Aaron asks what is the cost of Teslacon? Well I haven’t figured that out yet You know, I’m trying to get things like sponsors to help offset some of it, and figure that out I’m actually meeting with my marketing person tomorrow to figure out how we want to advertise, and do those kind of things So yeah, just stay tuned, get on the email list, and we’ll send that to you probably next week, is when I’m trying to get that out there, and yeah, and guaranteed by being on the email list you’ll get a discount So that’s a big benefit of signing up early you know? And there’s no cost to sign up or anything, but you will get, you will get a pretty substantial discount, just for being on the email list, which we will not publicize by the way We’re not gonna you know? I want to make it special you know? People just, you get out an email list or something, and people just blast you with the same stuff they blast everywhere else I think it’s kind of lame I wanted to do something special So by being on it you’ll get the discount and it’ll only last for like two days, because I want it to be special for those people that were that interested and really are you know that passionate about it So yeah stay tuned Thanks for the question Valerie asks is there another way to see estimated completion times for a specific planned Supercharger? The find us Tesla page just says end of 2017 or end of 2018 for all planned chargers Where can we go to see which ones are actually being built? Valerie I don’t know That’s actually the only place I would go there to look However the video I’m doing this Wednesday will explain to you other options for charging in public, if that’s kind of where you’re going with that So I hope that wherever you are that they you know finish it up soon and you have that access to that I think a Supercharger network is amazing, even though I and most owners rarely use them So thanks for the question thanks for joining us Nick asks do you think it’s still wise to put a deposit down for a Model 3 given that anyone who signs up now won’t take delivery for quite a few months? Do you think they’re better off waiting for updates to the Model 3 like all-wheel-drive? So no, put it down as soon as you possibly can, and the all-wheel-drive option will be a choice So like for example right now you know, if I wanted to I could just wait until all-wheel drive was available, even though I’m you know, living in California, a current Tesla owner, and placed on the day of the the unveiling, so I should be getting it pretty early The first option will be early I can defer that to get this later, according to what the website says today So I would definitely I would definitely place it now, and then when it comes time you know, whatever options you can kind of defer, if you’re ever not ready So yeah, thanks Nick Bob asks, Wi-Fi and over-the-air updates, how does this work? Will authenticate my car with my current ISP? Will I use my iPhone carrier? Does Tesla charge a monthly annual fee? What’s Tesla use this service to download my driving experiences? Okay lots of questions here So Tesla, and I don’t know exactly the details of the Model 3 I don’t think they’ve announced them officially, but the Model S I can tell you my experience It has a built-in 3G internet connection The newer ones have the 4G LTE connection, and you know, as I’m driving around I can stream music through a really poor service called Slacker Here in the U.S. and Europe I believe you have Spotify, which I’m so insanely jealous of, and yeah when I get home, I logged in my car to my Wi-Fi So I connected it to my home Wi-Fi so that way it can do it over the updates and just use it when I’m here you know, because it’s a stronger connection So yeah, so you basically just set it up when you get the car and then it just works I have heard that they may in something like four years, want to charge for the service or something I wouldn’t be surprised, but I think I believe you get four years free So yeah, so there’s that Thanks for the question Bob Dane asks do you expect the price drop of the Model S when the Model 3 comes out?

I do not Do you expect a price drop in used Model S when Model 3 comes out? No I don’t think so It could be but you know honestly, unless you’re looking at the ones without autopilot, I don’t think people are going to be unloading them I think people are going to be getting them in addition to, which is what I’m doing So yeah maybe I have a little confirmation bias there But no, I don’t expect that Russell asks, I’m in Ireland to order my Model 3 April 11th, 2016 When do you think I’ll get delivery? I have no idea I would go to the Tesla website You can go to Tesla.com/model3 and there’s a button there that helps you figure that out Thanks for the question Varun asks hi Ben, 350 Tata tigers EV’s and 150 EV’s 17,000 usd to be delivered in Indian government by 30th of November 2017, cool Each car costs approximately 17,000 U.S Or 11.2 rupees This is just phase one of a thousand cars over in Indian government Could you please cover this news? Yeah I’ll take a look I’m excited for EV’s in India I think that you know there’s so many cars there and so many people that just pollution has to be out of control, and so EV’s will certainly help all that Yeah I’ll take a look Thanks for the link Ronnie asks hi Ben, oh let me try it again There you go Hi Ronnie asks, hi Ben love what you’re doing I plan on using my VW emissions buy back as a down payment on Model 3 With the recent bottleneck issues I’m worried that I will lose my full buy back Yeah totally Should I wait for the 3, January to March 2018, or should I try to really push for the budget for Model S, 75 kilowatt hour? Well I would take a look at used Model S’s if budget is a concern I don’t know you know, what part of the world you’re in, but you can go online and find those They’re pretty prevalent, and yeah So I would go look for a used one I think they’re just as good Maybe you don’t get autopilot but you get everything else Yeah and then if you do want a new one Yeah I mean a 75 I think you know like, when I look at it a souped-up Model 3 and a lower end Model S are going to be in the same price range, so the only real difference then is about do you want the smaller car that has a few more bells and whistles, or do you want the bigger car, which is a bit more functional? Right, it has like more storage, like double the amount of storage, and things like that It’s just a more comfortable car You know, more screens and all this kind of things So yeah, I mean I think that’s a great question for a lot of people I’m in love with my Model S I’ve ridden in a Model 3 I got a test ride up at the Fremont factory It’s cool I’m excited to get mine, but I don’t think it’s in the same class necessarily I completely see how the Model S in my mind, is a more luxurious, bigger, better car overall, but I will say that the Model 3 is still a fantastic car for what it is So yeah I mean it’s a personal preference question man But best of luck and if you are gonna buy a new Model S of course, use a referral code I’m sure you’ve heard me say it It’s on the screen on YouTube Yeah and if it’s available I don’t know we may run out this week I don’t know what’s gonna happen when we get 255 referrals, which is the theoretical limit So we’ll see Thanks for the question Daniel asks, do you think Tesla will add solar to their cars to run without charging? No I do not because it’s just not It’s not enough People have talked about this to death There are a few people that are doing it A few weeks ago I covered one That was an RV That is covered every single inch in solar, and it still is not even enough to really do much I would love for this to be a reality, but unfortunately solar technology is just not there yet Maybe in the future yeah, but I love the idea I’m so in love with this idea Thanks for the question Daniel asked would interchangeable batteries be faster than charging and gassing up? Yeah totally and they just filed a new patent to do that, and so I would fully expect that That this could be in the future, possibly for the semi We’ll see, but they haven’t done it yet, and so there’s a big question about that you know? I think that part of the problem is related to your warranty on your battery I mean if they started doing this, you essentially If there were ever a problem with any battery you had, you wouldn’t be at fault because you don’t know what the heck’s going on right? You get it changed out all the time I mean yeah, who knows what would happen? So there you go Thanks for the question We have a couple Yeah a couple more Aaron, how soon until charging in sub five minutes for 80%? Yeah that’s the Supercharger V3 right? They’ve they’ve sort of announced that There was a company in Germany at the German Auto Show this year, that also had something They had some new way of charging

that could basically charge an existing Tesla battery, or you know, that’s style of battery in five minutes So yeah, I think it’ll be you know, maybe in the next couple years, so to become a viable option you know? The thing about all these is, you see them online, you see this like solid-state battery, or salt mines, or just you know, all these crazy things, and it’s like yes, this is great, all this, but for that to be a commercially viable product, and put into something like a Tesla, it’s gonna take it years of like A couple years of testing, and then you know supply chains like This stuff just doesn’t happen overnight because you saw a blog post about something in the lab alright? And that’s kind of the problem That people have these insane expectations just because how information travels insanely fast, but the reality of something like this It won’t be there So yeah I think, I’m sure Tesla and many others are working on this, and I hope to see some really awesome battery tech coming up but I think it’ll be a couple years out still, but again, you know 90 plus percent of the time, it doesn’t even matter right? You just charge at home, whatever Like I don’t even notice charging time In fact because you know, I’m not using Supercharges or anything I’m using what’s at home Now if you have to charge publicly, it’s a different animal, and that’s what this Wednesday’s video is all about Thanks for the question All right last one here Jeremiah asks, any thoughts on the stock price drop today? Let me go see where is it at? I don’t know Yeah six points It’s a rollercoaster It’s a rollercoaster ride You know, hang on Like someone was was commenting on Twitter I thought it was funny They said, oh man it’s like a drug you know? I keep doing it, and let me see Let me pull up Coinbase I mean, I said yeah you know Tesla’s fine, just stay away from the hard stuff you know? Which is Bitcoin and that stuff, where things will you know within a week will shift by a thousand dollars So yeah, I think it’s it’s just part of the thing The markets are the markets Who knows maybe Elon had a photo that didn’t look you know, pleasing or something to some analysts, but yeah we’ll see I mean when the financial statements come out November 1st, and things like that, that’s when you know, you’ll see any kind of real shift Right now it’s just noise honestly in my opinion Thanks for the question Okay guys thank you so much for joining me here on Teslanomics If you aren’t on the email list, please go to Teslanomics.co and get on it That’s where I share everything and I do share exclusive things there that aren’t anywhere else So there is a real added benefit Lastly, if you are looking to buy a Tesla, of course use our code Teslanomics.co/td and before I cut this off let’s see if maybe they monetize the video Let’s see Nope, okay yeah we’ll see They’re gonna review the video Anyways, thanks again for joining me and don’t forget when you free your mind When you free your mind? When you free the data, your mind will follow Thanks again for watching Cheers