[Cracks Knuckles] Oh crunchy Welcome one and all to yet another unboxing video Today we’re going through¬†Zenpops February stationery box So it’s a bunch of stationery items from Japan and they’re always adorable so we’re gonna dig right¬†inside see what’s in there and try and get inspired by the¬†contents and create something Okay, let’s dig in ūüéĶ Oh, this is new, Zenpop neon pastel Oh this is the menu that¬†lists all the art supplies They’ve gotten a little bit of¬†a different format, trifold Then this same as before Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait So there’s a featured artist¬†because it’s in collaboration with the illustrator photographer¬†and concept artist Denise Rashidi There they are right there. [Giggles] I am loving all of this “I’ve been using Japanese stationery and art supplies since going to art school Using Japanese stationery¬†just makes boring desk work so much more fun and vibrant.” I would concur Let’s see what we’re dealing with Okay, so this is a neon pass liner, looks like it’s probably a¬†highlighter but it’s double-ended Again, made in China, they’re¬†supposed to be from Japan Then again I guess you¬†could buy stuff from America and it would say made in China anyway One, it twists, plus is up and minus is down There’s also a cap with this, like orange jelly, I would describe it I think it’s like a highlighter It’s waxy, that’s orange and that’s pink So that’s confusing to me Let me grab my sketchbook I just want to know what the heck this is I assume you’re supposed to draw with it I don’t think that’s going too far too soon So if you just like mark the paper with it, oh it’s pink, okay it’s definitely a highlighter It’s so greasy, you have no idea I assume it’s waxy, it’s¬†probably the correct term, greasy reminds me of work when¬†a popcorn oil comes in a box but inside that box there’s a bag and one morning it came to work and the bag had decided to excrete¬†all of its contents all over the tile Let’s just say it somehow¬†ended up in all of my hair It was disgusting and that reminds me of this but I gotta say, this is way prettier Do you like hearts? It’s really fun and the way it like glides, so it’s like a one of those plastic¬†crayons, twistables, twistables Very cool I’m interested to know how it would¬†like work alongside other supplies or if it’ll be too greasy Oh there comes that word again Alright what else we got in here? It’s a Sakura micron pigma in the size 01 and it happens to be pink as well It goes right on top, doesn’t¬†seem to like get stuck in it Alright let’s see what else we’re in here Everything else looks – Oh wait,¬†is this a nice place as well Everything’s so glowy and pink Okay, definitely brightening up my mood Wait, is this a pencil with a sharpener built in? Looks like it’s also a highlighter of some sort Let’s pull it out and see Do, do, do, do, dooo Hey I left a piece behind So here’s the pencil, it’s the¬†highline neon color marker 3.9 So this is a highlighter as well So it’s got a lot more grit than that crayon and then it’s also a sharpener If you couldn’t tell, this one’s¬†more of like a hot pink, I would say Oh wait, you know what I need to do? I need to see if it’s more highlightery We’ll write something and then¬†we’ll go over top of that Yeah, so it has a transparency to it Not as much as the crayon did but you obviously could use it to highlight I think it would be better kind¬†of like it shows on the thing I think they’re using it to underline stuff Now into the stuff that’s probably a¬†lot more visually pleasing for you What should I grab first? I’ll close my eyes Okay this is so cute It’s like a little washi tape cutter I gotta say, it’s a little – Oh this is thank you, it’s a lot cuter and less disturbing than that¬†bunny cutter that we got I love the like matte texture,¬†hopefully it works as well It’s a little nicer than this creepy thing Anyway, let’s, we’ll try this¬†guy out with the washi tape Now this definitely looks very¬†strongly influenced by the artist Oh it’s one of those ones¬†with scalloping on the edge I think that’s what you call it We got bridges and towers and ferris wheels We’re putting that right along the edge, that way we can enjoy that scalloping I love the oranges and the¬†purples and like the dark blues So if we put – How do we use this?¬†I think you go this direction Oh wow, it just grabs right on there There’s little um, ridges there that¬†kind of grab the edge of the cardboard Ring doesn’t really move around,¬†I’m a fan, two thumbs up Something I really like about it that’s different from like the¬†bunny one that I just showed you is look how easy it is to take it on and off It’s a little weird when you like put it down but that’s the price I’m willing to pay Alright, what else we got in here? We have little peepee, that I call¬†my dog sometimes, no I don’t actually No, I don’t actually Oh, these little seal stickers So it looks like there’s one really big sticker What is this? We got one really big one Looks just like the cover and then the rest are small little seal stickers, like ceiling envelopes and such That one looks like a penguin and then we have more of that¬†like, kind of canary looking thing I feel like every once while, I’m like oh this is a product¬†that I feel like comes in a lot and I don’t end up using it

I found ways to use just about¬†everything at this point, except for these little seal stickers I think it’s because they¬†come in such large amounts So like everyone’s gonna use like one I like that you can see them through a¬†little punched out window in the card, very cute packaging, I love it What is this? There’s a little stamp! Well¬†it’s a sticker made to look like a stamp but still, look it’s a little bit adjusted but it’s just like that, so¬†that’s definitely by the artist So pretty, I love the colors¬†and the uses of gradients and it’s like a pop art feel that I really like Next up, okay, so these look like sticky notes, so you got like a slim, a little bit wider, got these cute little pointy ones, trying to find a way to describe it You got a big pointy one¬†that’s like the big sticker, you know, it’s got little cameras all over it I’m trying to figure out what this – Oh you know what it is, I figured it out, I thought I was looking at¬†like a building and windows but you know what it is, it’s like map view, you can see all the cross¬†streets, like the expressway Okay, I understand the theme now So it’s like a travel tag¬†and then it’s got the maps Mmm-hmm [Laughs] Alright, oh there’s another sticker,¬†definitely by the artist as well I like the glossy finish, that’s really cute Oh there’s a print or is it a postcard or what? It’s a postcard that’s going up on my wall I love, I’ve already said this, but I¬†love the gradient and the use of color Alright it looks like we’re down to the last item [Gasps] Wait, does this go with that? I was like – Wait, that¬†looks like that same texture, so this one is like a purple version I think you can see a lot¬†better what I was trying to say, how it looks like the google maps view It’s so cool even if it’s just like¬†made up, it looks like a real city So it’s really cool Oh there’s two colors, there’s¬†like a darker purple one and then the more pastel pinky one I really like the way that looks I don’t, it’s one of those¬†things that I like so much, I don’t want to use it but we’re gonna, we’re gonna find a way to¬†do something cool with this Oh, you know what need to do? I should stick one of these in here I always forget about these, can’t take inspiration for something¬†I don’t remember, you know Oh and then the cupcake¬†one with that one’s a uni-, can you see how close we gotta get? Do you see the unicorn cupcake? That’s adorable, so I’m thinking before I do anything else, what I should do is try and¬†find some of these colors, I feel like Ohuhu might be close I’m just gonna swatch them¬†and try and see what I got Oh that’s close, that’s very close because we could also probably go over¬†it with a little bit of cool gray Oop and that looks spot on Then I would like this like, pastely purple So right now, I’m just trying¬†to build a color scheme based off of some of these items I’d like one of the more reddish purples That’s pretty good too, I¬†think that’s fine for now We’ve got these four markers, so pink and purple and then we have a dark, almost¬†navy blue, I would call it I also have all of these, like I feel like we could use if we¬†need to like brighten something up I’m kind of tempted to draw¬†like a little like a cityscape because that looks like what¬†this artist enjoys doing the most and I feel like everything in this box¬†kind of leans into that way direction So what we could do is kind of¬†try and recreate something first Kind of get a feel for it I think I want to actually sketch with the pens I don’t know if that’s weird when this play around see what happens Let’s start up here I’m going to draw a little rectangle, looks like this artist likes to draw in portrait, landscapes in portrait I should think of like perspective and stuff but I just want to get a feel¬†for drawing straight lines Leave room for like little details, fun texture You got like signs I’m kind of just copying this for the most part You don’t actually see the street¬†because it’s kind of looking upwards I might like to do a little bit¬†more like New Yorky architecture New Yorky because that fits¬†in the kind of some themes of some projects I’ve been working on I’ll add some dangly, some wires or something and maybe the moon right here Now let’s play around with the colors So I’ll go with my lightest pinkest color and we’ll go upwards and get darker Actually that’s not as light¬†as I feel like it needs to be I wonder if I can kind of lift it a little bit, move¬†upwards and switch over to this one Kind of get a feel for whatever¬†vibe we’re trying to go with Interesting, I might grab a white gel pen Come on baby, nope, nothing, nothing! Posca pen it is I just don’t like to use¬†this too much with my markers because it’s acrylic We had little stars, I feel like¬†it needs to be a little darker but I’m thinking if we’re following¬†this kind of color palette, what I should do is kind of¬†color the buildings in black I wanna do the signs I’m using these like neon ones for the signs to kind of make them look like they’re glowing Try the crayon, might as well use it all and just kind of see what happens¬†when we layer different art supplies, so we know maybe what we should¬†avoid in another attempt I also want Drawing the wires. I’m just¬†drawing everything, why not? Give it like some building texture, archi-texture. [Sniggers] and just break it up, not trying to¬†not do anything too close to itself My perspective is all out of whack but to¬†be honest, I really, I don’t actually care

Like little lines, little straight lines because I never use straight¬†lines in my art, you know, add some extra lines Alright, this made me realize¬†I want to try this again 800 %, nothing like drawing people, that’s for sure I’m scared to add some of this I mean maybe just this like, little areas Oh I don’t know go over it with this, I’ll add a little window I keep grabbing the chisel Add in a little window here I’ll just add a little contrast here and there Yeah, I think I’m digging the more pastel vibe, so I think I’m probably going¬†to not use this next time Let’s do the same thing I did before Sketching with the Copic marker I feel like I need a reference though because I really like the way this¬†turned out when it was inspired by this I’m kind of nervous if I just¬†went in it without anything, that I’d get very confused Let’s see what happens so we¬†have another portrait shape and we’re looking, are we¬†looking down at the building? Let’s try down, so if you have¬†like the end of the roads there, maybe, you’d have buildings sitting in here, like everything would kind of be going¬†to that point way down here maybe and their buildings will come off of that Kind of go like that If you have a building that starts here It kind of comes upwards like this, so all the lines should be¬†kind of meeting over there Right, is that how that works? Like lines this way, kind of find the grid Sidewalks, trees maybe, little trees This is a little bit more New Yorky vibe I think 1940s New York It’s like the roof of a building over here Yeah I wonder if this is as fun¬†to watch as it is to create It’s like just a bunch of¬†straight lines to be honest and then as you go up I think the¬†windows usually get a little smaller I think I need another line somewhere for¬†like the other buildings, maybe a flag Just place the windows Do one of those like water towers Do I just keep the window pattern exactly the same or do I block out some of them? Kind of cute, I’ll add in the sky What if I should do the sky in the navy blue? See, this one used purple though I wonder if that would be smarter This is very highlightery purple, let’s try it, whatever, what’s the worst that can happen? I hate the drawing and walk away Okay, so that’s kind of the¬†only sky you actually see I’m throwing in some stars Alright, I’m going to add in the¬†water tower and some boxes up here Anytime there’s a straight line, you should be referencing¬†that, what’s that called? Vanishing point, vanishing point Problem is, I don’t know how to use that to find what this is supposed to look like I think what you’re supposed to do is when you take this and like a ruler and then you draw straight¬†lines coming from that point to wherever you want that to end, so then you use those lines to¬†create your horizontal line, so within here, they should connect or maybe you’re just supposed¬†to create straight up lines Clearly I need to review how¬†you’re supposed to do this So the windows should all¬†fit within those two lines if I want all the windows to line up make them get smaller as they go off into the distance too If you told me I was going¬†to be drawing buildings today and I was going to be enjoying it,¬†I would never have believed you Got to get them spaced out as they get there Just kind of want that I don’t know how you’re¬†supposed to figure that out, I’ll just eyeball it, want that¬†midtone-y purple for the windows kind of like they’re reflecting the sky Now for this like gazebo, what’s that called? Awning, we want the top line¬†to follow this like that Oh shoot, the awning went on to the next building Well maybe that’s just how it happened That’s a little character Oh you know what? I forgot the trees! I guess we could do like silhouettes for the trees and they would just kind of go over it Let’s start with this one, go¬†upwards, break off into some stems I guess it’s a little wintry¬†but at least gonna come upwards One more tree down here and then I guess would probably be one here-ish or a little cart of apples or whatever this is ūüéĶ Now this one, I’m confused about but I guess we’ll just create¬†like a different vanishing point Kind of just eyeball this, look it’s¬†not really the main focal point Alright, I’m gonna erase these guidelines, finish up some of this I also feel like I need to¬†color in the pavement something Wait, I forgot about these little flags I might actually add a little the darker purple on some of these reflections Kind of like add that same gradient I think I’ll color in the road with this at least We might go a little darker It seems a little sterile¬†because there’s like no people but it’s kind of what the world¬†looks like right now anyway I also feel like I want to kind of fade that back I’ll use what I sketched with¬†to kind of just set that back, so that you’re like vocal, focal¬†point is more on these buildings Use a little light (Posca) pen to kind¬†of clean up some of the edges Got some like brick texture I’m happy with that This is crazy, it’s like, it’s¬†not something I draw all the time So it’s like giving me a strange exhilaration

You know what I do need to do though, use some of these supplies that it came with, make one of these buildings pink I also have this one, maybe¬†use that for, for bricks There you go Who would have thought drawing¬†straight lines can be so much fun? I think we definitely need to do another one I’m loving the color scheme So this time, I want to try that¬†straight from the beginning I also, I’m having a lot of luck¬†sketching with the Copic marker Make an interesting shape, fill this in Let’s just pick a random focal point I don’t know enough to know which ones¬†are difficult, which ones are easy, So we’re just gonna pick one Like one’s too close, you’ll end¬†up with really weird distortion So let’s put it, I don’t know, up here and we’ll just go ahead¬†and add in all these lines We’ve got those lines now We need like another one I feel like it needs to be way over here but I’ve run out of paper so¬†maybe we’ll try right here This is probably like such a strange, I don’t think I’ve ever seen two vanishing points in such a strange orientation How do I find lines in here? So clearly these would be lines right? But this way, oh it’s like you’re¬†looking down at the ground, oh wait, so like if this was a¬†window, there’d be one right here Oh, see how crazy that is? That’s like you’re falling Let’s do another one, why not? Got some windows Now what happens if I want like¬†the building to end right here? So like this is the top of the building How do I draw backwards? Do I use one of these vanishing points? I want the building to go backwards but maybe that’s not how you would see it Yeah, you wouldn’t see it because you’re below Are you above? DrawingWiffWaffles, certified¬†perspective expert, not Can I see this crazy perspective¬†I created, it’s like fish eyeing, like I’ll put the edge of the building here So I guess you don’t see the top of that, you could do something like this, like that’s the underside I’m having hard times knowing¬†what I’m looking at to be honest It’s so fish-eye distorted because¬†I put them too close together and I tried to keep them in the sketchbook You hear the stress in my voice So what about if it’s lower? Would you see the top of the building then? I think you see this Am I above or below? Where am I? Where did I get that line? Yeah, that should end here ūüéĶ Since the windows are so much of a focal point, might as well play them up a little Very tricky, yeah, kind of like curves almost I wonder if I messed up when¬†I was drawing the lines Maybe put another water tower because that’s not square I think breaking up all the square¬†lines with something more rounded actually really helps, too Whether it’s correct perspective wise or not Look how crazy wobbly this is I do want to just go ahead and color it I mean because I already put the work into it Right, let’s see if by adding in like some liner, I can make any more sense of this I liked with the other one how¬†I didn’t use the ruler for this because they like gave it a¬†more organic hand-drawn vibe but clearly this perspective requires¬†a little bit of a different approach Kind of seems like I should¬†have had this perspective for the right of the illustration Then it would have been¬†more, does that make sense? I think I’m definitely learning¬†something which is what’s important here Over here, it makes more sense, which makes me think your two’s perspective lines should be on opposite sides of your drawing That seems important to know A little ladder over here I think I made dew out of this Wait, what? Mountain dew? Still some areas of uh, extreme confusion but I think that’s just what it is but it kind of shows you even if, I mean I wouldn’t say I¬†messed up putting in my points because I didn’t know what I was doing but it looks like you can put them anywhere and it still kind of makes sense Probably for a more generic perspective, you’d have them on opposite sides I’ll try it one more time¬†to make sure that’s correct Okay, so let’s add in the¬†night sky here with the purple, get rid of our grid marks Use this for windows, kind of¬†just keep the same color scheme What happens if I draw in a line here Would that be the top of the building? Much to learn Let’s go ahead and add some more¬†of that like highlighter stuff I do want to have stars I think that’s my favorite part I feel like it makes it just¬†look so much more fantasy Looks kind of cool on top of the crayon Hey, I pulled it off Okay, so now I want to test my theory I could probably google this but I want to test my theory that having the perspective¬†points on opposite sides of your illustration solves this problem I’m gonna put it, let’s try them with them lower I keep putting them up high Another vertical one Okay, now this time I’ll do one right here in one and over here I’ll just draw in a bunch of these and I’ll meet you when that’s done Look how crazy that is Kind of looks similar to that¬†but like below instead of above So it’s more like we’re looking up Let’s add in this one and see how¬†that changes how I see things, changes my perspective you could say Oh, that’s kind of confusing, so let’s pick the bottom of the building Maybe this line, we’ll go straight up to We need another line We got this, it’s like the corner of a building

How do you do this area because now I’m lower Maybe you want both of them below it We’ll play with it, see what happens We’ll just use these lines and then we’ll need another one for the top and they have a gazebo, awning, it’s an awning Then there’s a tree on either side¬†with our little like basket of apples See the problem is we’re below the ground here I think I’ll try to kind of cure that problem Let’s just break Let me know if you want me to do a video where I literally read up on this¬†stuff and then get back to you And there’s trees, this is, this,¬†this will be the road right? We can use this, so this is the road I think I solved the problem Alright, let me grab my micron and we’ll draw in everything and I’m not gonna use the ruler We’re gonna see if I’ve learned anything So the further your like vanishing points are, I feel like the more um, organic it kind of feels Wait a minute, I’m a little confused about this I agree, oh, I must have been using this line Clearly you need to choose one¬†as your one’s like the z-axis and one’s the x-axis, x axis This makes so much more sense than that one did Add in these little thingies, kind¬†of just breaks up the building really and that was the building that’s like here Oh, let’s color, let’s add a¬†little bit of color to this one It’s coloring the windows the same way I want to do more of a gradient even though I don’t have a lot of sky showing I would like to try and include a gradient Blend into this one ūüéĶ More of this and the windows, that’s good there There we got the stars, the tree could be a different color but this purple, throw all this on I like it, I feel like I have to¬†do a lot of these to figure out like where a good perspective line goes I wonder, would it make sense to actually draw like a building in the perspective you want So like draw a box Although coming up with a random¬†perspective is kind of difficult but I want to see what happens if you like, say I want to draw this building like this, so that’s the building, can I use that? Then inside of a shape like this,¬†figure out where these lines should go, the dots approximately here but if it’s up here, then it¬†definitely is even farther away but still line up with that, which means it would need to¬†be right here on the page I think it has to go like right here Let me go back to a lighter color I’m just gonna add in these guys but then your other axis should be how much of the side¬†of the building I want to see, you know, something like that Have I done anything at that perspective? So that would mean that my axis¬†needs to be lined up with this Needs to be down here where you also can’t see So as we draw in more of these,¬†let’s see if this makes sense Just experimenting and having some fun with this I have not really experimented¬†with perspective like this before What is this line for? It would be used for the awning right? No, I think we’re having this problem again, even though it makes sense for this line, I think it needed to be closer So this line needs to also line up with that one, I think is what it is, this is not less¬†confusing than just drawing the lines and hoping for the best I’m not even sure what to do with this. I’m gonna just try and draw a building because I think I just drew too¬†many lines to like make that work So let’s just go for it I’m gonna use a chisel end Maybe use some of these lines¬†if it makes any sense at all Let’s try and make this work and¬†follow these perspective lines Kind of just using the really simple ones I wonder if there’d be like stairs¬†up here just using the grid Little cooler architecture,¬†just making stuff up as I go Alright let’s add in the¬†gradient in the background Starting with our darkest purple ūüéĶ It’s a pretty good gradient for now Add in our stars I might actually put in our little moon and stars like do little clusters and¬†then some more sporadic ones and the windows now add in the liner, railings Window under there, window over¬†here, windows for everyone! Everyone gets a window Now I need to add in the trees I’ll use this color for that A little shadow under some stuff and we need that crayon for this building Keep it cohesive White (Posca) pen, kind of find little pieces Kind of trace over what I drew with the Posca and then when that dries go over with the marker and hopefully you won’t be able to¬†see the fine liner underneath it Clean up some of the sketch as well The last necessary lines Waiting for the trees to dry I attempted to put this across¬†the bottom of this side too now that we’re over here Pretty dry, let’s go over it See if my plan work definitely¬†has a different look to it Almost looks like a more¬†full tree with more branches I’m happy with these. I even like this one That was like a pain in the¬†butt to try and figure out

Then we have the first one that was¬†inspired by the featured artist So it was this one I really like how they had a¬†featured artist in the box It kind of like put me off¬†onto a different like path than I feel like I normally go in and I’m really happy with all of these and I love the inspiration of the colors I don’t think it would have been as fun as if I was just drawing¬†buildings in building colors but drawing them in pretty neon pastel colors, yes so much better, really kept me¬†entertained when it got stressful Big thank you to Zenpop for¬†sending this box my way I had so much fun with it as you can tell I need to look into perspective though because now I’m fascinated by the concept So if you’re interested in maybe uh, touching base when I know a little more and I can maybe be helpful in some way, let me know if that’d be interesting for you Anyway, thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you guys all next week and hope you have a delicious¬†evening full of waffles Bye! ūüéĶ