hey guys welcome back to let’s play sonic boom rise of lyric we’re just jumping right into an Eggman boss fight I knew it I knew it would be I mean that’s clearly an arena and this fight we’ve seen from like one of the first things of the game so okay so I’m guessing we need to throw stuff at him call me crazy but uh okay that was a pretty terrible line throw that at you or not that’s cool so Oh throw the missiles back at him wait wow that’s a lot of missiles that he just left on the ground oh there we go now we pull him down I didn’t even mean to do that I was actually gonna throw more missiles at him what is even happening Eggman your face is very strange-looking almost bird-like like you saw that right his long neck and he looks like a bird actually that is a terrible looking Eggman model if you actually look closer at it I don’t know if I uh okay throw missiles bro dodge so now we just have to keep throwing I think I’m hitting him kind of sort of no wow that won that round suck because his actual enemies around here okay throw the missiles come on get out of here oh god this is actually getting a little more difficult which is good three missiles is that enough yes okay now we use this take them down come on Sonic you’re far away let’s do the thing come on aren’t you guys helping Amy you’re like supposed to be super attack e Oh that’s terrifying all soon okay okay come on do the thing that actually hurts you again missiles are on we throw the missiles okay back back oh this is this is getting so crazy I actually am starting to not know what’s happening Oh God this is actually crazy oh now we pull up come on guys come on dudes knuckles stop punching I think this might be the final round okay that’s a phrase that I wouldn’t expect to hear in this context what what wow that was that ended about as well as an episode of the TV show huh the TV show is actually very poorly um ends very poorly and you can hear our discussions about that on iTunes just search up the sadiq show or sonicboom commentaries and you can listen to us ramble do that it’s cool all the cool kids listen to us I mean but she if you go to school and you’re like hey man I listened to the sonic boom commentaries

on iTunes people are gonna be like whoa I am literally gonna bathe you in money and you will get women or men whatever you want everything trust me I know so where are we to go now we need to go to the seaside pardon me Wow seaside Harbor light it’s over there look at all these things that I’m never gonna do oh hey what’s his face beaver dude’s here I’m actually gonna talk to him or maybe not cuz I’ll give me a quest but it’s suspicious beaver or whatever voiced by Mike Pollock and appears in the TV show in fact most of these characters are apparently gonna appear in the TV show it’s just that they haven’t a percy is set to which is weird cuz Percy’s like entire story relies on lyrics so it’ll be interesting to see what happens so can we can we actually warp to Bob nope okay so I was thinking we could work to the point sort of like flying to the town you’re already and in Pokemon you know what I’m talking right of course you do everyone plays Pokemon and those who don’t have no childhood or they’re one of those people who are like the only good Pokemon when the first 150 not even 151 cuz nobody got in you and then I show them my new that I got legitimately under like but that just yeah because there’s more Pokemon now that’s fun okay so where is this thing that we need to add to um lighthouse thingy over there okay I think that’s what it is am I headed the right way or is it this way I have no clue hmm I can see though how this is set up how you can easily get to the final boss very quickly so yes this looks like it and is this actually the last one nice we’re almost done then I can go to play good games you know sorry didn’t mean to say that they are standing above the ground which I know happens in every game but it’s very visible here not so much there in the last scene it was let me guess this is like some ancient defense system or something well they’re getting a level together to just wait around until called upon that’s cool oh hey it’s that other level they showed in pre-release materials this is so strange everything’s backwards normally it goes good stuff at the beginning and also they show the stuff in pre-release materials from the beginning not not the end cuz that’s uh it’s just not how it works find the sky crystal oh hey okay cool good bye see a world just not wonder if I can put the game into an unwinnable situation if I walk on all the wrong ones now we’re just ripping off portal again I you see that’s cool yes knuckles punching things usually is the answer for this game whether it be buttons or enemies or whatever you’re showing me less telling me still weird that mentioning that they’re hedgehogs and kidness that normally doesn’t happen I actually commend them for that actually push it into this no can’t that be cool and by cool I mean game-breaking thank you good job computer Amy ok well that’s uh that was my fault entirely um I’m guessing switched for Amy here I mean I guess it’s fine splitting up the team into smaller teams and having them go out then you get interactions between

the two which is cool I mean when was the last time we actually had Amy and Knuckles interact with each other you really don’t so I’m okay with that this was just a side path okay so then we are actually supposed to go it’s attached oh that’s a jump pad not a button we got that unblocked letting us go to where oh thank you for okay so there’s one there okay so there’s multiple switches knuckles will go back to you I see thank God for this beacon thing because I would not have any idea where to go I mean I’d figure it out eventually that’s kind of how video games worked back in the day I actually for the longest time refused to use internet guides ever like just when I was playing a game cuz I always thought I should be able to figure it out myself and then I actually learned I’m terrible at video game puzzles and just figuring out where to go at time so that was fun oh I see there’s more blocks to break see we can do this in the least number of breaks needed oh that needs to be a me Amy come back thank you switch to you over here good oh there we go get back up get that aw we can’t do that darn it it was like in Dragon Age you can do that if you fall down to switch to a companion who’s not down there just go through the spikes why not they don’t knock you off that’s a good game Dragon Age Inquisition in one game of the year so you should all go by it and look for a look for my name in the credits okay that’s not cool oh it’s probably not even the right way you’re supposed to go yeah that’s why it’s being a silly little system that one is over there okay oh hey there’s an item down there should I waste my time on it haha no it’s just there’s no real reason to I mean more scrap I can’t wait to use that on nothing I do like how there’s no flinching it’s just like you get hit you just lose the Rings and when I say I like it I actually kind of do I mean it makes the game less frustrating for one oops didn’t mean to do it okay knuckles that’s a little creepy does knuckles have a thing for Amy is that what’s being implied here or is that just knuckles wanting physical human contact like some neckbeard Fedora wearer that’s right you heard me knuckles is one of the HOS gamers I bet you he even supports gamergate oh that’s relevant now but won’t be in a few months so oh it doesn’t tell us where to go when I click the stick it’s not cool oh no they don’t know it does go this way nice pose Amy oh that’s the wrong button I can’t do that the dash thing I kicked these nope makes a sound but he doesn’t actually kick them I guess I could have done this with Amy it might have been quicker but whatever thank God I played the 3ds version I need to play more of it though I haven’t beat it it didn’t kind of get boring after a while I will say I don’t actually know if it’s a better version I will say it’s more polished that’s one major thing there’s a lot more feels like there’s a lot more love put into it specifically the music like that is actually some decent gems as opposed to this game where you can ask me to from try and remember any song and the answer would be I can’t because I really can’t and you can’t either don’t even lie don’t ever be like yeah I love the music to this game you don’t you are lying you were looking for you were just being an internet troll and I know you you wouldn’t do that to me that’s the bad thing this reminds me of Mario Galaxy now I’m just getting memories of better games and go using that as fuel on my

ambitious journey through this it’s possibly I wonder if what I wonder if the last crystal you get with lyric or if it’s just a separate area entirely wow that plane didn’t load properly at all you need to get up there I’m gonna switched a me cuz I’m getting tired of doing the necklace sections they are too slow you know me I like to go fast except in Sonic Unleashed that’s that’s an exception ah I see what’s happening we need to do more laser shenanigans that one into this one into this one or not that’s going back to where was it’s not how lasers actually work this is a decent puzzle I can get behind this nice jump jump jump oh that’s close giant razor blades here do you actually get hurt by the laser no oh that’s sad I would have been funny I think resident evil did that where there’s a laser puzzle and if you hit it like the wrong way it uh it like kills your partner and they get just split in half if you’re not careful by funny I mean that’s actually really tragic nice Oh Oh God there is a lot of these so the next is there one actually around here ash snow oh hello run pads there’s one here we go there – we need to run that way this is an interesting puzzle nothing amazing but nothing terrible of course I can I can dig excuse me can you can you go thank you and you one more so when I said there’s two ways to go left and right does the the other way have an entire puzzle – is there so that be interesting – entire puzzles although at the same time it’s like the way they did this game with having two entire pathways to go through and everything it almost feels like it’s very unneeded and they could have put the actual effort into a lot instead of making it different puzzles and stuff they should have actually just made it be one like the one thing for you to do through the whole game possibly I don’t know it’s just strange cuz feels like they did double the effort for remote that not a lot like not a lot of people are gonna be play this game multiplayer and I mean maybe some families might but to them I say sorry that this one again this is an interesting little puzzle I can dig this it’s a not poorly done it’s just slightly monotonous and footprints – here that’s not really shiny despite being called a shiny and one more cool oh wow that’s the more just going straight to the crystal chamber I can wow I was gonna say I can dig but I’ve said that how many times now and that’s uh it’s almost like I’m trying to make a catchphrase for myself I’m not catchphrases are dumb but I digress someone’s gonna call me only comments cool enemies nope just cape I’ll bounce pad was that supposed to be the tornado cuz that was just a realistic plane noise you can’t can’t do that that’s just a stock I could have probably bought that for 99 cents on stock sounds calm I mean mind you I understand game companies don’t need to make all their sound effects but that was that was incredibly generic no I didn’t wanted to go there go back around come on one more

nice so I’m guessing you have to go there and then into the center I got this all planned out in my head good job knuckles I need to go this way now no I play get up to that other side then that just brings me here you need to get over there oh that’s a wire or rather these this wire yes cool nice so we need to bring this 100 no I see it’s not to this one we have to go to the one one more this if this or not knuckles what are you doing you are not helping standing there in your little pose with your hair in the breeze that makes no real sense in terms of gaming Kannan you’re not vain there we go nice luck crystal get things they actually landed quite a while ago for them to already be here you know oh is this where sonic dies I think we’ve come full circle to where sonic dies again that is the ugliest crystal I’ve ever seen why’d you throw like a football is that a football thing this is where Sonic dies right and we’re gonna see uh uh let’s see what happens I’m excited to see one side not gonna happen snake breath really let’s see what your friends think guys don’t do it we can take them okay Marik we gave you what you want let him go I have a better idea our unfinished business that is a wrong place for a comma sir don’t just stand there we got a snake to catch little did he know sonic still had five rings on him okay well that was was boring I really wanted some crazy deus ex machina of like Oh Sonic’s actually because he’s descendant of the Ancients he cannot be killed by lyric or something nope it’s literally just know he’s just survived it no no biggie switch details cuz long-range is awesome kill this little dude in the back let’s get his come on give me another big red button I really enjoyed that a water balloon literally the dumbest thing but whatever yep that was good mm-hmm good weapon needed buddy bots are actually really good to the point where I don’t even know why I’m using anything else back that you can spawn three buddy box to just wombo combo enemies there we go we got an s-rank nice SS sis a super stylish how oh there’s an ami thing over there I thought she was gonna whack the

door down but nope that’s that’s too cool oh hello that fell you could have probably also totally glitched that with knuckles but that’s cool and this one nice there we go and now we need to oh it’s gonna be one of these uh everyone needs to contribute things I see that’s decent oh no where am I going where am I going with this thing nowhere oh we probably have to kill the enemies my buddy box get them triple-s combos again oh that’s a lot of enemies actually firing all right it’s just this guy this guy’s like a crazy super territorial my buddy BOTS do your bloody business Wow my controller is vibrating like Maddie oh hey super silent ship but I think actually this might be a good time to call it quits in the next part we will escape the skies citadel and maybe finish up the game I don’t know we could possibly only have a half hour left who cares I will see you all next time ciao