see it works this time no problem hey guys this is kim a challenge and the corrupted this year we are playing this game mario bros 3 hopefully you enjoyed the last blue cooking because i know i did damn it was yeah Lily gray is probably the best thing in this LP so far probably the best thing in this LP to ever come if we get this done how I hope we will so yeah yeah this is well six we’re finally been able to get back up for a ton of shenanigans going on with um save seeds just disappearing out of nowhere and if you watched our bloop episode I want you guys to come and how many times a loser frickin level in the comments please I need to know the solution so I was too busy laughing my ass hi Hillary kid I was going on but in any case i’m going to start off this level to hopefully not die like a ditch in pretty much every other episode um yeah this level again fun times basic idea of this one it’s ice physics and donna blocks doesn’t matter which way round you go you’ve just got to be a bit more careful there were young bro Oh child in the face I did jump into his face don’t let him come too close to you and he hasn’t got a fire he will explode as shown by there so you’ve got to be careful with him he’s not a nice enemy at all now you’re Ellen was probably a good e’en a box yes there is a fire flower my would have been more content with a weapon leaf this however this is not completely terrible at the moment at the moment yeah i did this level with the raccoon tail thing and it was really trivial but you know ah singular blocks what and you’ve got to make it down there going it’s not hard unless you accidentally slip off the doughnut block and don’t don’t go and hey because you do have a fireball you can show us this which is going to come back and right at the end of this world pretty much if you have the pipe flow you can we melt all these eyes and get yourselves and dandy coins and whatnot which is very nice it’s one of those things which mario world rom hats use quite a bit as well but they use it in two different ways some of them use it like this where the fireball evaporates once it hits the ice and some of them use it kind of like the way new super mario bros we did wear em fireballs oh hello why hello there wonder what that’s all about maybe you get on the other side seven and oh maybe maybe this is a life on top cause you never jumped on top of it let’s go back and play no okay maybe yeah maybe you did we would get back over because i don’t think you can jump over that massive block of ice yeah so that’s what is therefore still interesting idea that’s for sure and yeah we skip the levels because we can be bothered to go through all of those things were already done that in the previous recordings exactly we’ve already done them in the first blow the first thing of this so who cares anyway this is a very interesting castle in the sense of it is ice with side all forms and stuff like that it’s kind of actually really creative i like this castle a lot but some a little bit tricky to do when you’re not really familiar with it or if you’re not comfortable with them side are forms sure but the ice does make it very easy to slide under stuff like that no no no no haha baba though i close that was awesome she didn’t under it well even I don’t think it would have to buy mine yep been walking just because in surprise Ike one right there yeah exactly yep I know we actually failed this twice i think it was when we did this on a visually it’s bringing boom boom on ice but for some reason that made it actually hard and oh god you actually got here yeah well and when you said boom boom on ice i started thinking of the stage are you guys in boom boom skating around in an arena with the massive audience no that would just be the greatest thing ever Oh Papa be amazing hey weren’t

and now we are unloved diving his wares had to go through all of this should take crash again which I’m really hoping I’m not jinxing that would so hey random nah nice level in ice world would have ever guessed that could happen yeah it’s the bed odd whatever that way I think you can bekhoon those guys away but it’s a little bit tricky we hey you didn’t get the throne of Watson I see what’s in here I’m going to get rid of this and what sucks dude yeah I was gonna say watch out for Buster mountain over there but I didn’t think I would work casually I thought you were gonna die from that if that was in mario world all right you would have gone the other way but if I was in my own world you would have been glitch killed there really mm-hmm mario world glitch killed you with you of them too big and slide into into a brick sort of thing you always slip to the left hand side when you’re having to come back out of those things but if you slip into a solid wall it actually kills you so you’ve got to be careful of that and that’s usually a bad practice type of thing for rom hot designers to leave in there then they’re hot things so yeah I wish to do both levels because when we can listen camera yeah I’m gonna do 10 because i think i can get a fireball for the early into this and the fireball is the gimmick of this one maybe I can’t because I’m stupid but whatever um yeah there was the earth by eckhart life it’s going to be a firewall and no no no yep definitely Oh give me the blog damn it anyway um up there is going to be a thing which is kind of helpful always like to get things except when it kind of like spikes for a brief minute but yeah we have a piece which and we have a whole load of blocks over there obviously Geronimo right down the middle haha held it you could probably just about go back up and get more hey fireball thank you very much Buster man and ya don’t obviously as indicated air don’t to shoot the one to the black underneath them because they will make munchers appear that you like kill you yeah yeah exactly that’s generally what munches do so i don’t really thought that an enemy would try to kill you nonsense especially not a muncher I mean seriously that is Wow kill the busser men before they get to do anything because I kind of know that there are so um you know that’s a quite a long jump um okay problems all kinda I just want to get a running start first that was not getting a running start yeah haha that’s will do nicely thank you very much so that is 6-10 showing the gimmick as well pretty nice now I get to go for the castle yeah unless I might have to bail this which I’m still going for the castle anyway because you’ve gone into this one now I guess this level is kind of like 66 from two episode of things ago except it’s got underwater music this time which is nice but yeah it’s a water-based cave level in ice town but there’s more to do up top and that guy is a jerk face and I hate them so much freaking BB spawner ones they are really really annoying the actual like offspring of them things can go up above the water as well so real jerks firebase probably more useful in this stage because you can’t use them the tail under water um these run the class or not you can run across single tile journal entire things I guess what I’m thinking of something else in your thinking is super mario world where you have to hold the jump button as well together I’ll try but I accidentally let go in because this control is kind of unresponsive right now for some odd reason that doesn’t help no it really doesn’t know I can’t get that out of that thing I don’t think we worked out last time how you get up there I’m surprised you’re surprised blooper at the button a blooper was a trap that’s

official so anyway a castle time is fill the spikes spice and conveyors that’s pretty much this castle in a nutshell there is stuff up the top if you can fly usually extra lives and or coin boxes and stuff I knew that was going to happen I needed to get momentum first but watch out for the boom floor down there what did we call them again I forgot we call this something and I forgot what we called it oh that’s going way back into faking world free so I’m not expecting a remembrance there but yeah that guy is kind of annoying to get past because of the momentum based physics of the game but he’s not too bad can I build up I can build up here can I then therefore see what is up there no not like that gone right down to be no momentum this is silly come on why is it not building our past time there we go kind of and then well no it just was a I don’t care that I don’t care that much wait what’s it this boom boom that we died too I forgot because I’m pretty sure we had to redo this several times cuz ya manis we’ll see when we see them yeah thanks I think it was because this one had like that yes it was this guy had to fig in place here we had to redo this freaking boom boom like three times because we both died to really stupidly oh god don’t tell me I’m gonna do it again no not this time boo boo not this time not this time not ever actually that’s a lie you probably will kill me at some point just to spite me now but oh hi there I would check how many items you still have first because you might still have too many for that yeah you’ve only got two slots so i’ll leave it hmm first item let’s do let’s go indeed and let’s be victorious this time yeah because i don’t want to have to do this level myself because I’ve already done to around it so yeah I’ll turn the table you could show the underwater puff and see what someone’s down there this time hey buddy see isn’t this stuff over here like on the other end I don’t think I can get that nice wrong not without a foxy you would need a faucet to get down now there’s probably one of those like secret rooms with free extra lives like the thing in there but you need a fox it together you jerk nice i’m going to kill you before I do anything else they are horrid don’t do those things yeah I’m again that they’re actually getting down just see what’s around wait as well yeah well they go up the last time around when we recorded and the lust recording shall say and there’s five mile down there can I can’t account bad because I don’t know how one you are going to be a Jenna case I’m going to kill you up the cake in there before I can do anything I wonder why by the way I know it’s probably just as fatty but I wonder why some of the fire to venus flytraps have got green stalks and some have got red or heads even and they’ve got redheads it’s just seems weird but yeah I done for obviously clearing that and we can go ahead with the airship stuff alright first off though let me check how many items I’ve done and if I need to find need to i’m going to use a mushroom because i’m gonna get probably get one of them anyway although i don’t know because I don’t know these that well mushroom standard one is to try there and that is a fire flower standard thing is to go there Steinfeld really okay thong just going to be Gaza needs because I can never month figure out the pattern for its ten coins i have had this one before where is it gone I can’t remember where the ten coins are in this one okay FF I had this sort of it seems stupid saying it but yeah I do not necessarily remember where everything is is just you know I recognize this one bum redoing the stuff until this recording but I can’t remember where this life is crap doesn’t thinking of that oh whatever now let’s start right okay see it one more try that be my girl crush on me come on hey

I’m pretty sure this is a fire flower yep and this should be a star that was this one oh boy um yeah we’re going to start was that was this one wasn’t it yep good stuff I remember and so dis cleared in one go excellent good times were hard so now i have finished off my items so i’m just gonna use a staff at out but it’s totally useless in this one but you know because i feel like it hey it’s a Monty mole hi there mol you have a crown on your head special moment list back up exactly so yeah this one’s totally useless because we don’t actually need it well it’s going to do is cause glitches and the end the graphic graphics to the thing sure that works okay so if you remember back to weld free when nessing was it well free i think it was well free when those things are introduced i’m pretty sure well for didn’t have any but yeah this level is pretty much based on them so yeah the idea is to try and get it across fairly far and then when it’s safe enough jump across you don’t actually need to get them very far because as you can see the jumps are not huge and there’s a platform down there anyway so don’t know quite what the point of that one is but you know it’s my show then oh um yeah because only for love of those if you take too long if you jump very easily they don’t have that lenient a timing set so be careful random items up here and it’s not gonna come come on give me serious Ashley go killed by falling off the bottom when the platform is still watch I secure the boat right isn’t it I is incredible that is incredible well then my turner I do not feel confident bean flour sued because i don’t trust those screws with anything oh okay i’m probably going to screw myself oh and show exactly how dangerous it can be well frame skipping almost choked how dangerous it could be oh yeah yeah I’m pretty sure actually that’s much better now now we can actually see it probably but yeah that I guess there is a platform under there but you would have to wait a little bit because as we’ve seen the platforms are very very intolerant to beam off-screen so um yeah we have evidently see well can’t win them all I suppose it’s Sam it’s not exactly get out of that bad to be perfectly honest so yeah fail getting your item this time no that would be very bad that’s really how we supposed to get up there though but the screen doesn’t scroll down so it won’t actually get out of your reach this actually scare masuk it through the level I saw it all skin because I can get up and this is it yeah that is literally all the level is it’s pretty much nothing and we are at let me know lemme has a weird thing because of that is kind of like Wendy but instead of the discs its balls instead it’s actually easier because it’s not the not the Rings why did I call them distance before I guess the dep similar type of objects but whatever and you can at least jump and a balls so if you jump on top alone you won’t take damage which is a nice little thing so yeah basically same principle as well three bars for easier yeah and what the hell is up with his face wow I never knew we rescued mr. Potato it’s what it looks like you’re it seriously it looks like somebody’s put a freaking pinup mustache on the potato and hey if you wake you makes me think of the Pringles face yeah that dude he is jellicent in the king form in a vampire degree oh

look at this yes we did this world in the last takes which will never get rishon because my hard drive got taken away when it got picked up but whatever and we are here now hopefully it’s not going to go too badly but that is for next time so unless you’ve got anything to hide yourself like a feather side of this video if you could count how many fell to hide in a blooper video please post and I will do something about it okay facile and join us next time when we takin well seven it will be fun yeah so see you guys for that