all for coming tonight we are in the 17th year of our tent Lee distinguished leader lecture series and you’re in for a very important treat and and opportunity tonight over over the years the series has had the great fortune to bring some of this nation’s leading corporate executives to the Colts college to the kennesaw state university campus and tonight this evening is no exception we are very very fortunate to have the president CEO of one of the world’s most important business publications with us tonight and I think you will all be fascinated at the insights that are distinguished lecturer pads for us I want to first introduce personal myself I’m Tim mask on even the coast college one a lot of very important guests but I want to first acknowledge and recognize our president dr. damn cap and a president half year in terms of validating the very very critical role of up tonight’s up tonight’s program I’ll just let these folks come in and we’ll we’ll get started one of the things that the coast college is trying to do over the last few years is provide real value added opportunities to our students in particularly close college students as a junior and senior level part of what we call our professional program as well as our graduate students and thanks to a wonderful friend and copy of the cold college burch smith and vertical stand for a second where has been with mcgraw-hill 34 years and launched a program for Business Week few years ago that brought Business Week both into the classroom for many of you to your apartments or to your homes and we were one of the first half dozen business schools in the country to adopt the use of Business Week for juniors and seniors and graduate students as well as our faculty and our board members and it’s really become a critical element of our partnership of our lives not just with this great global enterprise mcgraw-hill but also in providing our students leading edge applied business information on a daily basis both through your your home delivery subscription but more importantly what you get online on a on a daily basis and its really been a very very critical part of what we do and how we do will you be Cooper juniors president and CEO of the business week group mr. Cooper was a publisher in 1999 and president and 2000 as president of Businessweek mr. Cooper is responsible for overseeing worldwide operations for the magazines North American and international editions and oversees the continued expansion of the franchise for Business Week online and Business Week television i should say in round figures Businessweek has a million subscribers who receive the publication weekly mr. Cooper will address over 7 million distinct visitors to the to the website so it has an enormous influence and thought leadership in the world of business mr. Cooper joint Business Week in 1995 as US sales director and was promoted to associate publisher in worldwide sales director in 1998 he’s had distinguished career in publishing having spent 24 years at time inc where we held a number of senior sales management positions including advertising sales manager for Sports Illustrated Advertising Director for life and International Advertising Director for time he was also publisher health magazine part of time pink’s publishing venture group mr. grouper started his career as a media as a media

planner at dancer Fitzgerald sample in 1969 after serving in the US Army for two years spent ten months in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star in Air Medal with the first calendar he holds a BA in Business Administration for from upsala College in New Jersey mr. Cooper’s also a graduate of Concordia prep school in New York where he serves as a corporate advisor for their international management program founded in nineteen in 1888 the mcgraw-hill companies is a leading global information services provider MTG worldwide needs with brands like Standard & Poor’s Businessweek and mcgraw-hill education the mcgraw-hill Corporation has more than 290 offices in 29 countries and the faculty and staff that are Cox family enterprise syndrome have very important admiration for a great family enterprise for many many years sales of mcgraw-hill or well in excess of five billion dollars in it’s a pleasure and an honor for me to introduce today’s technique distinguished lecturer bill Thank You Dean nuskin and president path this is a distinct pleasure for me to be standing up here as someone talking to you on behalf of the Ted Lee lecture series at Kennesaw State and Cole’s college of business I also want to thank Tara Bell who who helped put all the moving pieces behind the scenes to get all this accomplished and get us here today so thank you I also again when it’s thank bird Smith who’s as much a partner for all the US as he is with Business Week and Donna Jernigan who’s sitting next to him is our Atlanta representative in the Atlanta office of Business Week for being here as well and also helping me find the way through i-75 okay so what we’re going to do and I’m challenged here now I was told that I’ve gotta finish at a Dutch six so this is this is going to be challenging because I really think I have some useful information to share with you and if you have to leave a six you have to leave at six but we go a couple more minutes beyond that here with me because I really think I’ll leave you with a thought or two that I think you can use in your aspiration of your career and even your personal life so bear with me i’m going to cover the subject of marketing because i just think that marketing is the center of the universe no matter what your aspiration and what business you’re going to be in and then i’m going to touch a little bit about business week and a challenge that the business week has along with all the other traditional media in the media landscape today which is quite fluid 24 7 and then i’m going to get into the business of your careers and things you should think about as a business student going forward and also talk about the others of this week sharing with you where they think the biggest opportunities are in the next four years for graduating business students and then i’m going to just touch a little bit about the job interview and what I’ve learned over the years and then maybe just a smattering of international which I share with you I think you’ll find to be interesting and then I’ll close so whoops so bear with me as we go through this and i have come to that i can’t wander the audience too much because i know this way I’ll kill myself you have to know your audience you have to know you’re talking to so I listened to some of your professors I talked to a couple of you out there tonight I think what I’m going to share with you is what you want actually about a year ago there was the story of a of the CEO a new CEO of this company in Illinois and this guy he was a bit of a brute of a guy huge and he was a bit of a meme kind of character to just met him and he it was his first meeting with his top 40 lieutenants vice president senior vice president and he stood up in front of all of them and said that the podium and just said ladies and gentlemen I’m taking over this company I want to see nothing but one hundred and forty percent energy proactivity I want to see elbows flying I want to see nothing but performance we have a lot to achieve in this new company and then in the corner of his eye he saw this guy leaning against the wall like this and guys sort of really wasn’t dressed that well and

all of a sudden to make a point the CEO walked over to him said hey you what do you make a week and the guy said well three hundred dollars and so the CEO just took out his wallet which if I did all the wires would come out gave her three hundred dollars in here here’s three hundred dollars get the hell out of here never come back so see you walk back to the pork the podium turn to his lieutenant said by the way who was that and his vice president of EHR told him it was the domino’s pizza delivery guy got to know your audience I hope I had marketing marketing is is really all about the words that I put up there on the screen it is it is really for me the lifeblood of a company marketing is really all about the value of a brand and the value of a company and yes even a university when people see kennesaw up there on the Billboard you know it’s going to mean something to them william sonoma you this male or female in ohio gets a catalogue from william sonoma opens it up see something attractive in there and goes to the store and buys a whole bunch of cake cake baking stuff that you can buy at the store if the master car the email address by the time that that customer consumer from williams-sonoma comes back to their home literally before they get home in their email is something from weymouth anonymous says by the way you just bought these great cake pans here are some other utensils you can use and purchase online from our company so banco print catalog they walk to the brick-and-mortar the store and they get back home and bingo they’ve got the internet again so that is marketing marketing 101 starbucks starbucks is a classic example of what’s going on out there in the world they really know how to market themselves I have a pleasure of sitting next to Howard Schultz the CEO and I told them actually was lucky or not I don’t think he was lucky but it’s green and black their logos green and black I want to share with you if you’re red white and blue BusinessWeek’s red white and blue Time Magazine’s red white and blue american airlines is red white and blue if you’re red white and blue in your joint business outside the united states it’s a little perceived challenge right um he’s not here’s an example I we have an annual CEO conference in Beijing every year for Business Week we put together 450 CEOs from all over the world and in between one of the sessions I slipped out to get a starbucks and as you can see pinched in Chinese but notice that they do not touch the name starbucks they leave that all along and they give you the translation of the menu now marketing again think about this whether or not you’re going to pursue a career in the specific business Howard Schultz just made a deal with eight rental car companies in the United States so that when you were I fly into little rock all right or boise idaho rent a car and you have a GPS on the rental car up hops little starbucks of where you can find starbucks within the first three miles of that Airport that you’ve never been in before what is that worth in sales but what is that worth in the value of branding Oh God anyway the value of the brand far exceeds the value of the company I’ve had so many chief marketing officers that taken that phrase and brought it upstairs to their chief executive officer because any company and yes guess what ladies and gentlemen any University sooner or later the lights get older the pcs get older it shares depreciate the only one thing in a company or corporation for universe it has the opportunity to appreciate appreciate is the brand so it doesn’t it make sense to put money behind promoting the brand the swish you know everybody knows what Nike is I mean you set to see the swoosh you don’t even have to see 19 or the devil archers right and you immediately know what it is and in fact by the way McDonald said their best year ever best year ever and even beat out starbucks and dunkin donuts for the best coffee in the united states and a recent huge natural light pole on they are doing fabulous and a duck and this is

sort of that black giveth like a year that the duck I mean you didn’t even know much of that Affleck the insurance company before the DUP arrived and people make that Association and they do it with a little smile interface and by the way ever since Netflix started doing this their sales this year market has been has just been unbelievable now no matter what your aspiration and what area you’re going to fall in the world of business sooner or later you’re going to beat a guy like this I promise you right on you’re going to need a guy like this and he’s going to say and he may be a vendor he may be someone you have to do business with you may be somebody that you have to make a partnership with and he’s going to sit there and say listen I don’t know who you are I’ve never heard of your company I don’t know what you stand for I don’t know what your company’s customers are this is a waste of time so the business of your company or your partnership or you if you’re going to start up an entrepreneur company you got to let people know what it is before you walk it to see this guy because that’s what this guy will always be around businessweek the challenge of a traditional media which Dean mentioned I mean Businessweek the magazine’s been around 77 years our websites really been really only started flying about five years ago you know the magazine reaches a million subscribers the website has seven million uniques it’s been fun but guess what it over the last couple years you’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way you all of you all of you and you’re such an important customer forest have attended to the way you want to get information so if you see what’s happening here traditional media is pretty much leveled and the new media is really taking off now catch this time magazine has 3.2 million subscribers Time magazine has been around a hundred years 41 million I counted every one of the 40 million Americans watched American Idol 100 100 million streaming videos play daily on YouTube and 550 daily users on google and by the way guess what I told us the burden two months ago Time magazine had four million subscribers so what’s going on here right well there’s a huge media transformation and as much as it may be scary to some people and challenging to others in my opinion it’s an opportunity it’s an opportunity today that studies show that eighty-three percent of people attending to purchase digital videos do so to skip the commercials sony has just an inch joosten TV are blasting that allows you to change the end of a commercial depending on how you want it and guess what BMW had just introduced what you buy a BMW today they put your name into the chip of the key and they are now billboards bfw as you’re driving by they’ll say Sally Smith having a good day right in the middle of the billboard now you talk about a connection you took about a personal connection with you and a brand and yes there are exploding billboards now here’s a here’s a question I just want to ask all of you by the way just to show a hints this is a little exercise to make sure that we’re all the way first of all how many people in this gravy audience and thank you for coming tonight and then to the top of I Kennesaw Mountain how many all right it’s fifty sixty percent I was there today that was that’s fabulous up there you can see everything stone mountain Atlanta okay here we go does anyone in the audience have a personal blog alright we’ve got about it we’ve got about 10 which is fabulous thank you for raising my hand because I think it’s really important for other people to see this who here displays photos on the web it’s forty percent as fabulous thank you very much because it just shows other people the way you’re approaching new media there’s anybody here maintain their own website Wow okay bond that’s great that’s about 10 Levin has anybody here paid now paid for digital content concept is anybody you’re paid during on the back of rum pay for digital content not buying a product on ebay pat digital content all right so that’s about 20 a digital content with the going back onto the Business Week for Wall Street Journal website and paying five dollars for an old story archives all right okay ready for this one this will be fun who here owns a

landline phone say ten percent of the audience as a landline phone and by the way teen I already predicted that this industry is in for a shock because y’all got cell phones the time on it like my son and guess what good luck I don’t know I hope they see it coming because when it comes it’s going to be painful okay how many people here this little fun ladies and gentle here text message and think that really only using email is just to judge your parents yeah come on come on come on I know this board and here’s one for you I want you to be totally honest with me um because every University campus I go to is this question that blows me away how many here and I’ve listened to me how many here watch less television than you did two years ago yeah ninety percent that’s exactly what ever University audience says which if I had a guy from ABC CBS and NBC here every time I do that Wow take a notes guys you’re all going brought in on the web and you live in TV TV behind obviously none of you are in the 41 million they’re watching megamind all right onward this is weak I just share with you because some of you are going to get into media media marketing business week in the 90s and obviously before then was magazine centric we were all about being a magazine and you know what magazines are all bad and then in the 90s later 90s we moved to creating products that we thought our customers wanted but building something and hoping that they come doesn’t always work and today as I stand here and for all the months ahead the business of biz we is to follow the customer you’re the customer today you want information the way you want it when you want it and how you want it I have a friend of mine that gets his stock quotes on his watch now this guy does not have a life but he wants his stocks quotes on his watch so you got to give it to him right so we’re answer all sorts of extensions as you see here on all sorts of extensions to satisfy you the customers and we’re going to continue to deliver and distribute our content not only the editorial content but obviously increased search so that we can get you to our information and even get into user content so we’ve gone from a magazine based centric organization to a multi-platform multimedia strategy and it’s been fun it’s exciting but it’s challenging and I mean the name of the game I learned you know okay you know I’m absurd names right and I’ve seen a lot of things and they’re people remember to stand out more than I have i kiddingly say interview someone said what what’s the one thing you regret that you didn’t do in your life and I said I should have bought our real estate but the one thing that I regret more precious I learned and I try to remind everybody and this is the biggest lesson I would have sort of wish that captain a long time ago his feedback feedback feedback in New York we once had a mayor Edward Koch who would walk up to people on the street and say how am i doing but that’s all about feedback that is all about feedback I can assure you when we have a subscriber that cancels the subscription we are within 24 hours talking to that subscriber to found out long you need to know why you know why are there 1 million less subscribers to time you know why are there 41 million viewers of America when last year there were 25 minutes you gotta ask the questions to learn we had a wild and woolly like many many companies i SAT with the CEO of waste management and they want to project themselves as environmentally friendly and everything you’re doing is green and you give it a business card there were no there was no green on the business card you have to sort of have a complete marketing plan that fits in all together well this is week was all over the all over the map with our logo treatments and we just launched an advertising campaign which I just want to share with you and you might get a kick out of it you might not but the fact is we launched it and it was important in this age or media transformation to get a message out there and be consistent we wanted obviously to increase the awareness the Business Week is that an intelligent provider or business insight to reinforce the message that Business Week content is delivered multi-platform

and also to create a buzz of that are our advertising constituents and we created this logo and this logo now we use even when you get an email for me the bottom of the email will have the Vista big logo and all these little icons and the icons tell you real quickly that we’ve got podcasts we’re on TV we’re primp we are mobile etc etc etc and its really been cool it’s really taken off and everybody connects with it you can get a real fast we also want to create a creative execution that basically said this is weakest or smart people business which stimulates ideas businessweek readers are successful f1 and and again this is week is accessible concise useful and here’s our campaign we took the frame and if while it’s running in print it’s also running in bus stops and it’s on top of cabs and it’s an airport in about 10 differences and you’ll see you’ll see it right there now there’s an example now here’s a good one see this is what happens before if you’re not a busy week reader that’s the brain but if you read this this week you get that in the back row see what happens it’s pretty cool right brain just gets bigger it’s hard to see but it says before and after other anything and then this is an outdoor board honk if you’re a thinker again with the Business Week logo and the little icons and then repair the damage done by reality TV that’s an outdoor and again little icon so you keep it tell them once you tell them twice it telling three times career planning all right I’m going pretty well here so prepare with his first time description career planning is is one of the reasons why you’re going to the spine university because ultimately you’re going to get out there in the world and and make a difference in whatever education or pursued that you’re going to follow and and I share with you you know a raindrop does not go down a windowpane straight so one’s thoughts and plans and career aspirations you know you’ve got to be flexible you’ve got to be agile because you never know what you’re thinking about today may be different for five years from now but that’s okay that’s okay the one thing that I just share with you is if you can to follow your passion if you can it’s the best combination it is the best combination of all worlds if you’re interested in if you’re interested in baseball hey pursuing if you’re interested in health care and want to make a difference for the compilation do it there’s ways to do it that’s what’s great about this country I mean if you really really will set your goal if you really set your goal you can do it but but follow your passion it’s really important you know what get into fashion believing this would be the country to get the ball in fashion and there’s ways to do it so I think that follow your passion is one of my biggest messages and I sit with people counseling young middle of your career whatever you know let’s see if we can connect it with your passion because you can connect with your passion it comes out of your pores comes out of your productivity and you bounce out of bed every morning with a smile on your face and guess what eighty percent of Americans don’t bounce out of bed with a smile on their face they’re on a job in a job that number one who’s stuck in or number two they’re doing just to put food on the table or number three they’re not marketable at other places or number for their handcuffed you know the company’s been a deal that you can’t leave following passion this is week has launched an annual this sep tember business week launched an annual edition special edition which has a web application on that talks about the 50 companies that would be great to start a career with doesn’t mean you have to start a career with them it’s just there were saying based on a whole bunch of criteria these are pretty cool companies to start a career and if you want to follow that tomorrow the next day or next week go to visit we calm and under the channel careers just hit careers and you’ll see this offering it makes for some really interesting reading I thought I’d share with you the prospects of graduating this and students over the next four years this may be of interest to you and there’s no way that you’re not going to read ahead with me but I think I’m going to alright that’s okay I talked to our

editors who put out that edition of business math and according to the experts that we have talked to undergraduate students are still very much in demand business students and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon this is only reinforced by the statistics that include the following entry-level hirings expected to surge more than seventeen percent from 2007 right fourth consecutive year double-digit increases by the national association of colleges and business undergraduates and graduates have some of the strongest starting salaries of other industries furthermore by 2010 the baby the exodus of the baby boomers will also accelerate opportunities in the in the business arena you know and you’re looking at one so there are going to be plenty of opportunities on graduating business majors undergraduate graduate are going to be a precious commodity every one of the three others who specializes in business we totally agree with that subject let me just read this according to one of the top recruiting executives at most companies generally a lot generally most companies right now have a lot of people in that age group of 45 to 55 there’s going to be a huge gap in leadership when most of the boomers are retiring and there’ll be extreme opportunities I think more than ever before you have a cusp occurring where all of you for the next four or five years tremendous five six seven years a tremendous opportunity should you cruise your you choose your career path to really achieve and Excel because there’s going to be an exodus of the baby boomer and I’m actually the very first cusp of the big boob regeneration so I will hit this and this basically says the same thing that I just said and here the fields of most opportunities as far as we’re concerned accounting with sarbanes-oxley believing accounting is a huge opportunity investment banking is a huge opportunity consulting is still a huge opportunity business and tech background any combination of business and tech information technology with the business spin you will mandame and tech savvy business people you will be in demand and then I threw up there anything Chinese because I got excited the population of the United States is equivalent to the Chinese army all right big opportunities come in for people that can help companies connect with China or in speech on teams the job interview let’s just do this for a second I mean I’ve learned a lot and I think I can wander on you only have one chance at a company okay you say you think a company XYZ company you have one shot at that engineer sure you may talk to another company that you got one shot at this one is say they want to show up ahead of time a lot of people forget that you have to go through security at many companies in major cities in order to get upstairs the security line might be long don’t forget that obviously presentable no linguine on your tire skirt right what’s your body language I had a big conversation with my son I actually had a victim conversation with one of my dress one of my direct executives who had a hard time interviewing mcgraw-hill because he sat on the chair he sat back on the chair he was sort of laying back on the sheer well in his interview I told my son you sit at the very edge of the chair where you’re literally almost falling off the chair because there’s no way in God’s green earth that you can fall back you’re leaning forward you are now focused you’re showing attention you’re riveted on the interviewer it’s a great little tip don’t fall off the chair here’s one for you when you walk into someone’s office I personally think you want to get that job you be the one that throws the ice breaker right now an icebreaker you know I mean traditionally you know the interviewer is going to ask you the question if you get if you’re

fortunate enough to get it to someone to office that’s magical because in somebody’s office you can find out if they have skiing pictures if they had a large family and they’d have if they love dogs it did like golf you I know it’s tough sometimes if you’re a little shy you be the one to throws that first question and I got news for you I walk in I really want this job I want to hit a home run with this interview guys got a picture of a dog there i’m going to say i love dogs that’s a beautiful dog I mean it smelled like dog it gets guess the other side of the desk a little off balance and all of a sudden you’re a real person I did know with my co when I first interview in hockey pictures all over the place of his kid today hey hey let’s talk hockey for a member it’s the greatest little tip I can ever share with your with regard to the interview all right now a more serious note we live in a day and age where in two seconds you can find that all you ever want to know not only about the person that you’re interviewing like I could check out the Dean you can check on me you want to google the interviewer and talk to people that have the similar kind of job so you really know the nuance of the job and you also want to be prepare because I think it’s the best best question when they say how are you going to make a difference versus anybody else I hire I think about that because if you can answer that you’re going to get the job if you ask a good question about the thing that you’re joining boy that is really cool you know I just look at your annual report I see all the office you have around the world I’m really surprised you don’t have one in Sydney is there a reason for that it gets the interviewer a little thrown on and I guess start talking about his company and anybody that’s working for the company has to have pride in the company and then all of a sudden he gets to be gets the to give you a lot of credit and be confident don’t sit back in the chair now think for a second before answering questions because you only have one shot all right now here’s one for ya done is going to shake her head at a very strategic interview that I had in my life and I really want is just the last question this guy asked me and this was Star Wars it’s a bill how would the last three sentences of your obituary read and I’m interviewing for jobs I’m not gonna die tomorrow I’m having a dinosaur what the hell’s he I had I had like you know hey this guy’s a big important guy I had an answer this question which I really thought he’d got from some cars on the scroll I say to myself where the hell did he get this question so one of the first little tricks is you would quickly when you get something that you think is completely out of left field you just automatically say oh wow that is a great question because it gives me a minute to think so I said well that’s a great question and I said myself how the hell away and so I did though I I mean I came back and I said well I I would hope that the person that’s currently going to be my supervisor if I get this great job and will be promoted further in the corporation and I will be able to run this great brand that I was going with ultimately and then after that go on to some philanthropic endeavors I thought of that myself that’s proven anyway I got the job but that one is anyway follow up as soon as possible now you’re looking at a guy who some of some people here can relate to this we didn’t have the internet for a quick email back saying thank you very much you could do that you could do that while you’re going down the elevator that’s cool soon the sooner somebody gets back to me after an interview board they get a point back in my days when I was trying to get a Sports Illustrated job I got back to my office and my friend said bill not only do you send a letter follow-up letter to this guy you sit as special delivery so those days special delivery it meant you know I’m showing him that I care about this job more than somebody that would just send a better a letter just with so again just follow up follow up follow up and be prepared to explain you why you would leave your current job which is sometimes a really interesting question and last but not because we have innovation specialists here tonight for the university be creative all right he created okay here’s a cool let’s see what happens my son who’s had another

universe a very bright friend of his who is a wart and his friend calls him mr Cooper can I just come over on a Saturday and spend a moment cuz I’m started debating about two companies you know to go after because I’m a graduating senior and I sure come on over come over around nine-thirty ten o’clock on Saturday and we’ll chat and so he sat down and he said well it’s either going to be this company or Prudential or wells fargo and I said all right well you know my opinion you’re a really bright student ah I like Wells Fargo lot not that I don’t like Prudential from wells fargo cisco and he said well my problem is mr. Cooper I can’t get through my phone calls I send emails I can I can’t get through to the head of HR I said all right now let’s see if see how is the answer comes does anybody know the little icon the little logo of wells fargo you see a Wells Fargo ahead for you stay strong it’s a little stage don’t read and guess what I said Jason you leave my home you go directly to a toy store you buy a little stagecoach they wrap it the letter that says i urgently want to make a connection with you I have studied your company upstairs now I feel that your company has so many rows of opportunity get it stays good that we used to make a tremendous mutual partnership um guess what he sent a feather express this is really strange he actually built his stagecoach I Jung for ten dollars he go by stage little space drums he built the stage set it out and guess what the next day the following day after he emailed fed exed evidently he made a point to come back to my house and mr. Hugh won’t believe this the senior HR Director turned to his assistant said get that goddamn kid in here pay for his airfare getting into my office now okay you know sometimes sometimes you have to take all the receivers and from into the end zone and throw that pass hey they’re not answering you anyway what do you got to lose right and so guess what it’s creative it’s different you figured out a way to break away from the crowd right I had a very successful salesperson you have a you have a fabulous sales selling course and program here at Kennesaw my my colleague it was the sales would after a presentation would send his customer that he wants to do business with this was grant gets a big red Everlast both of them punching above punchable boxing gloves and said we are ready we are ready to be a heavyweight fighter for your marketing program not another knife and he got the business one of my favorite stories on time but all just to the starbucks starbucks card you me interview with somebody you interview somebody you really want that job ralph friend or you’re really want the job at xerox or you really want that job at southern after the follow-up you know I sure you do the email a simple letter go out and buy a starbucks $10 starbucks card and the letter says I do not need caffeine to get excited to be working and the brand management program or the accounting program at your company but please enjoy the starbucks card compliments of me as a reflection of my energy and my high for the potential to working with you many companies will accept trust these days gifts over $25 or return to you but a starbucks card for ten dollars you don’t believe me it’ll slip into the wall so that is it by the way that’s probably the best fall I had today I share it with you all right now listen to me carefully it’s so important I shared this with you after 39 years of experience you made a decision to come here today to listen to me I thank you you made a decision that what to put on today you made a decision to attend kennesaw you know you all can make the stations guess what eighty percent of the managers around the world can make a decision twenty percent can write Steve Jobs doesn’t hit a home run every time but he makes a decision let’s

go with the ipod um let’s uh let’s go with Tiger Woods 90 way back one that could not be the winner that it is make a decision you got to make a decision if you’re going to be in business and you’ll ultimately get you a point where either you’re not at ma’am I’m going to get you to mention real fast because we’re just getting into the business but making a decision really important just make it don’t wobble don’t waffle make live with it if it works great if it doesn’t work on this one there’ll be another day really important in business ethics the D mention that i am on and advisor to Concordia College up in New York on their international program and they call me they said bill we’d like a statement from you from our marketing pro marketing brochure because really going to emphasize ethics and transparency it’s probably the number one subject that all companies today honesty ethics transparency you can see how we do business we’re not hiding anything right we’re not vaccinating options so I had I would they asked me to write up something and I put it the brochure I’m just going to read it to you being ethical in my career helped me because I always follow the rules and I never promised anything that I couldn’t deliver that’s me if you over-promised and don’t deliver your trust is broke this is a lesson life I have eliminated employees who had cheated the company who have falsified documents or have misrepresented the company or its resources over these 39 years being ethical honest and trustworthy will always be the key attributes of a successful man or woman no matter what your career path not acting in an ethical manner will ultimately end your career your reputation your reputation is the most valuable asset that you have so attempt to me keep it ethical I’m sure you will now the world of business is actually very very small I know you’ve heard of your new york stock exchange i know you’ve heard of the the nasdaq i know you’ve heard the american stock exchange and you’ve heard the Chicago Stock Exchange how many you want to take a guess how many stock exchanges there are in the world I’ve got the back row back there 25-35 somebody want to guess how many stock exchanges so it’s tough on the large crowd there’s a t5 stock exchanges in the world and the world is small so a little touch here on doing business internationally which I just share with you where you sit when you go to Asia little things you can learn i’m just going to show you a length you might find interesting right now there’s basically about one or two or three people that if we had we had a Japanese business meeting right now anybody want to guess where the most senior person would be sitting in a Japanese business meeting fixing the exit facing the exit correct although there’s doing facing the exit here so yeah Neil back so guess what president Pat is actually right there in the group that’s furthest from the door facing the exit but furthest from the door it goes back to summer i times when they attack the castle everybody hit their head cut off as you’re going up until the last minute who is the senior man and then also that you guys it but at least he was the last to go so when I when I go over to Asia Korea Japan Singapore I always wait to be sitting sad because they usually put the most senior man the furthest from the door facing the door the most junior people are always the closest to the door because theoretically there are the defenders you know the first ones it’s fascinating because you can violate a culture of business meeting if you just sat down in the wrong chair so anyway I also put it on your business card down we pass the business cards around today your business card be careful it doesn’t matter if it’s Asian or Europe it doesn’t even matter in the United States when you get a business card of every meeting I suggest you can three people for people you put again in the way that they’re sitting so that you I could look here and see this again and this is

Sally okay so put that down in front of you if you’re not sitting in front of the table if you’re just beating them for lunch or dinner drinks or whatever in the hallway on just put it away put it away it is a what do you call it is an insult to hold the card and start playing with it or flicking it or picking your teeth with it you do that just to put it away because it is an absolutely and so if you want to get the business you want to trade their relationship put the business card away and also how you talk and I just share this with you that I’d be willing to bet that a 60-percent of mcdonald’s profits come from outside the united states forty percent of starbucks profits come from outside united states I’ve been willing to bet that thirty-eight percent of you are going to do business ultimately with somebody outside the United States watch your American slang phrases i SAT there in a meeting with my editor in chief smarter than I am and we were we were in China and he said he said I’m I’m the cleanup hitter today front of all these Chinese people what the hell does that mean what the hell is that mean I mean you know you gotta you gotta respect the culture that you’re in front I mean I’m with a whole bunch of French executives and one of my American teammates says let’s cut to the chase well they didn’t know what God’s name my god I was talking about so let’s get the first base let’s hit I won’t run let’s make a deal on I heard that one I you know we were in we were in Stockholm with Volvo and one of my colleagues said were to make a beeline back and send you all the information you need we’re in Stockholm and if it’s too cold a happy it’s snowing oh they had no idea what they’ll who’s talking so I just share with you cleanup hitter even a for bed anyway the world is small and the business of business and the opportunities and business are absolutely huge so I leave with you a couple final rewards number one if you can can follow your passion I have loved every day I have ever worked but I’ve also managed my career I said I want to get to hear I want to do that I want to do this you figure out how to get maybe on the lucky but I worked out I also never gave up follow your cash follow your passion on make a difference right I mean the reason why you’re going to get promoted and someone else is not is because you’re going to make a difference you’re going to figure out how to do that it will come in time the other message is to embrace change so it doesn’t matter if you’re going to be a lawyer a consultant a doctor a dentist and artist an information technology wizard you gotta embrace change got to be agile things are always going to change always going to change don’t be don’t be rigid go with the flow go with the flow and then less than last but not least is is just respect the cultures that that you’re doing business in you know again back to your program of successful selling all you ever want to do even in friendships relationships is to create a positive environment and we call it create a positive selling environment someone’s not going to buy for you if they don’t like you someone’s not going to buy for you if you come off like you’re arrogant so you got an attitude you know we’re all you’re doing is showing in flexibility now the wonderful world works you know with honey not not the other stuff and I leave that with you and I and I have to thank all of you very much for coming today tonight I really appreciate time and if you have the opportunity to go to our website or our weekly syndicated television show on Sunday or our magazine which by the way the magazines are not going to go away in the media landscape we may very well actually in creating for magazines but like we have a small business magazine that started to small business entrepreneurs and we may very well we’re testing an innovation magazine and it’s going to be other targeted segmented

vertical magazines so magazines aren’t going to go away but the world is clearly all about being integrated so anyway I thank you for listening and I thank you for your time and thank you again for thank mr. Cooper again for being with us here today what an honor it is for us to have president CEO of really the leading business resource in the world on campus today and bill we thank you very much for being here and appreciate our partnership those junior some seniors and graduate students who have access to this this great product there was a pleasure for me this morning when I went to the resource center which is a product the Business Week provides to faculty who use Business Week in their classes I was looking through the marketing segment of this week and this resource center is created every week and it’s presented to faculty before the magazine hits the news stand there were summaries and insights by one of our marketing faculty dr. hope decor news participates in that panel that looks at these articles we clean summarizes and presents this information to faculty worldwide so it’s a great resource for you it’s great resource for faculty in bill and donna and burn we thank you for this great partnership that we’ve had for many years now with Business Week in the garage you