the Sun always rises hey what’s everyone it’s rare here and today we’re playing some bot Lane trisana the new tristana got the right right girl skin on look at that the happy little face my gun please allow my cannon had a conflict resolve nice I do dig the new tristano picture looks really cool let’s see some other animations just curious what else we got here there’s a taunt so she’s like a little boot camp dance what else you got okay so she can just sing in herself and one more nice here’s a bunch a little saying that’s pretty cool yep alright and we’ll head on down here I like her new voiceover as well I like new Tristan general so we’re going to go on with the explosive charge start so you still the same passive wave to kill stuff it explodes but now you can put a charge on your enemy that does you know just physical damage basically the more you basic attack it the more damage it does which is pretty cool so only if you do four basic attacks it explodes immediately okay I didn’t know that cool generation rate is just when you do it on towards to which is like cray cray so whoa there’s the Delta double 80 carry cheese so took some minor damage there it’s fine just play not really upset about it so yeah I Fred’s mention they actually have 280 carriers in the bot Lane I’m not really sure why maybe they’re duo maybe they’re not I don’t really know it’s gonna shut me down pretty hard in the early game but there’s really not a lot I can do about that so I’m just going to keep on focusing on trying to shove the wave fairly early here we’re not going to beat them to level two most likely what we can try and that’s my goal is just to try honestly don’t even really want Royal to go into their range quite frankly all right oh man really bummer messed that up just ever so slightly pretty sure she just made a passive Caribbean joke right there okay I know what’s gonna happen that’s unfortunate not really sure we should be contesting I got the sunlight proc so that’s good but I’m not really sure we should be even fighting them quite frankly and a two-on-two scenario I mean like late game it’s better for us right because they’re gonna have to 80 carries dude you need to back up like for real you need to just bet passive like just just let it go it’s okay I’m trying to get whatever CSI can and play passive in the lane because there’s just no need to fully address on them they’ve got 280 carries so right now they’re going to win a 2v2 that’s okay that’s looking wrong with that we just have to play like we understand that rather than try and force otherwise I actually got that nice so we’re going to missing a lot of cs nice kick by shin and mid lane there we’ll get them a keel and first blood which is great the alga said i’m fine with not getting a lot of farm early like it’s just going to happen but in the late game will be fine but right now there is absolutely no way you can contest any of this and they’re probably both getting perfect CS quite frankly alright so i actually got those that’s good still getting her a silane but they’re both pushing so it could be worse ideally we’re gonna let realm even get whatever charge down that it can but

it’s probably not gonna happen dude just take it if you’re gonna roll take your take okay well this is really unfortunate should be a little to get out of this alive I’m she’s going to net and kill me yep well we’ll see if we can make something happen there I need to get lifesteal don’t really have a choice unfortunately all right let’s well just rocket jump back to laying here it’s a super frustrating start right like there’s nothing I can do to get CS against this kind of cop this really isn’t and that’s okay like come to accept that it’s not that big of a deal it’s just annoying so let’s see if we can get over here to help out dynasty oh you might be dead there’s a charge explosion I could rocket jump here but probably shouldn’t attempted to but it shouldn’t so I have you got a killer desist rather on Twisted Fate there so it’s nice gosh darn I’m so bad at CS lling one behind alright got the kill so that’s good ty need that gold so that makes a big difference royal walking can you sneak it oh you can get it in time what stinks okay that’s going to do a lot of damage sir and I’ve lifesteal so this is fine oh man if I could just stop being off on CS and would be great but it’s fine got the assist so I want so back in the game now in bot Lane definitely good feeling I try and shove in this line a little bit and then go back and buy I think I’m triggered at pick axe or a quick actually just for the damage spike it’s not a huge damage spike but it will add up and maybe this is a bit greedy but that’s fine oh my god sweetie carries right so I shouldn’t change my game plan too much it’s mostly the early game is really strong but my late game team-wise is going to be significantly stronger like we have phys shin and I really along with Leona that’s a ton of peel a ton of raw image and a crap time CC which is time to peel I guess so it’s kind of redundant but you get my point I’ve sent that survived the early game we could even lose our Tower it wouldn’t be that big of a deal actually I can almost guarantee we’re gonna lose our tower but it’s still not that big of a deal so and there goes down at our pretty much that’s fine doesn’t really concern me and does it does it kind of sync sure but is it really that big of a deal no not really we’re gonna 280 carries rebound Boozer tower eventually I luck her new like can do personality she’s like super hyped about life like yeah don’t give up man you can do it yodel bootcamp yada yada etc etc so I can dig it look I’m just keep on farming honestly I mean if anything I put on the tower anymore so I could have let them push me I’m fine but I’ve lifesteal so you know not really particularly bothered by anything right now kaboom so he still has a tower so we

can’t really like fully commit to killing him but hey kill to kill not a hurry to dear me I like me fris she’s spunky I like her go ahead Chris my attack speed just a little bit here keep living up I explosive shot which has quite a lot of damage Oh dad connected that could have been a kill right there that’s okay though i’ll just keep on farming I’m perfectly content to just continue farming that day zero problem with that and we’ll just go ahead and kill it off this creep if I could learn how to last sit sometimes here I’m is that still the explosive doing too much damage but it’s fine that’s why you level it up so ideally you can just kill meetings without missing them like that it’s whatever I have 58 CS it’s not awful combined I’m still behind the two of them pretty significantly but it’s 280 carries like it’s going to happen so again just you know it’s whatever it’s not that big of a deal yeah coach I’m smokescreen I’ll just get out now we’ll just wait patiently for a second okay they have vision all this back on out that’s found there it is there’s engage and you’re dead horse in a flash Oh any blocks for me what a true champ true hero I’d like to engage on her if we can but I’m not going to also like put myself in danger or like below flash or something to do it it’s not worth it that sucks what if like to have avoided that but it’s fine we’re still doing well we’re still ahead because now it’s going to the point where like I can instigate one of the 80 carries so then the other one can’t really like help as much to where it really matters Trinity damage to the tower for now that’s fine I’m content with that I still have lifesteal so i can still you know push easy enough I’m really tempted to try and kill this okay when bob is back I don’t really want to do this dragon right away just cuz we’re both pretty low at the moment I thought they’re just good to be a sword and then head on back lindo away oh you should kill the crab first bro all right well I’m coming I’m trying all residues in trouble let’s like get there in time oh no he’s dead I got the kills should be out okay thank God for W resets poor boy we still won that one for two I’ll take it and it skills on me which is always nice get my boots and we’ll just heal up real quick wait for it all right cool we’re in business so 512 not bad not bad the early game kind of stunk we died to them under a tower dive from Caitlyn because she got the kill on me but it’s fine it’s fine it’s all good all good in the hood 512 on nutria steals pretty good i really like new triste quite a lot I like her aesthetic like her voice acting I like her her theming quite a lot and comparison to previous trysts so just all in all big fan doo-doo-doot-doot unless it’s too tight

you like she’s just awesome dude she’s spunky like just stand right there yeah there you go got the kale bro explosive Opie you out razer’s just got like a mid what a boss boom got him got him coach how much is rocketjump 60 man okay i can afford that kaboom and I’m just gonna go back real quick got our first dragon 7 1 & 2 got the godlike going down thanks to some excellent Xena blades from Royal pick up my infinity edge I’m feeling it man I’m feeling it got my IE I’m feeling it that’s a very cool animation on the rocket jump as well so razor kind of taunting them at blue just a little bit he’s he’s wide to say multiple times that his supposed new fizz build is quite good rushing a naturist tooth first she’s an interesting bill night I’m sure gonna steal that from him I can go ahead and take it and want to take it we’ve been rude but I’m pretty confident that I can continue to win bot Lane now now that I have infinity edge makes a pretty big deal pretty big deal keep on loving up rapid fire all right I’ll wash up the Sun card rock it over nice yet another kill razor still legendary actually he was godlike now he’s legendary sorry misspoke there boom that’s a very satisfying explosive charge and we’ll go ahead and just go up his minions here boom the Barbourville in the bar diana is busy midst I’m pretty much safe to just stay bot and keep on pushing here necessarily kill pick up pushes yeah I take that graves I like that damage bra something we’re going to shove out the batwave here and kaboom I’m set up the tower honestly oh is that enough got him it is cabinet is enough and we’re going just back here right mr. royal that was close we got a little greedy right there pretty much got the tower down now so that’s good I’m actually ecstatic probably pick up the adverse blade and it’s more crit that’s refine wait for some more healthier all right hey that’s some racism but you know what I was gonna say that casual racism no but it’s not even worth it man it’s just not even worth it geezers aren’t even worth my time our hard engage on these fools get some heels kaboom looks like a rotating up top think the red might be up I wish you’d see it is not gonna waste my rocket jump because I want to have that for an escape if needed but there’s a red here before the okay nope no red i’m gonna go i’m putting ella man kaboom I Love New triste she’s fun to

play her statics fun she’s got good voice acting Gigi I’ll do it folks so nine hundred three hundred Tris oh I was going to go for a black right there didn’t get it unfortunately well bid thanks to razor royal and dynasty for playing with me once more hope you guys enjoyed that their tryst video I know I had fun playing that was hey me for having 280 carries my lane that was pretty entertaining once I started getting ahead and I’ll see y’all next time thanks for watching peace out you